TRAVEL PLANNED FOR 2018- Chicago, NYC, Nashville, NOLA Apply to serve Me now or you may miss Me.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

This week in Cincinnati

Impress Me with actual service instead of hoping for porn experience.

Pique My interests in Fetish, Female Supremacy and Heavy Bondage scenes.

Wear you best submissive smile.

Make up for any of your past fallacies by a new inspired devotion.

Ask for My forgiveness by gifts if you have wronged Me in any way.

Start a fresh new BDSM journey with an open mind and cheerful fun attitude.

Get trained and ready for all the Visiting Mistresses we will host this year.

Spend an hour in My dungeon oiling the Leathers.

Spend a week in chastity to Me... I bet you can't even go 4 days.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Friday, March 1, 2019

Heavy Leather sessions available in Cincinnati

Enjoy a mini vacation from this terrible weather tucked safely inside one of My heavy leather bondage body bags... it’s been  too long since you submitted.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Foot Worship

My sweaty toes are a delicacy and I won't share them with just anyone.  Those of you who have earned the privilege, or want to earn the privilege can have this photo to whet your appetite.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Applying for a session this year

This year I will have very limited availability for sessions and will only be seeing the best applicants. If you have an interest in actually serving a dominant female to the best of your ability you are encouraged to apply. Here is some guidance.

  • Be clear, honest and open in your application.
  • Offer specific time and date for meeting.
  • Offer obvious vetting information or references to illuminate your identity and my safety in choosing you.
  • Offer your fetishes but be open to Mine.
  • Offer useful service or gifts along with your availability if you want to be remembered or used more often.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Slave training

When people come to see Me they often express interest in My high protocol evenings and ask how to get involved. We usually have very few males in attendance as we prefer a female to male ratio skewed toward females. If you have ever been to fetish or femdom party surrounded by creepy dudes who can't even talk to people you may understand why we do this. High Protocol also limits that phenomena, as all males entering the party are trained regarding what's expected of them and how to act. This creates a smooth atmosphere for both the Ladies and the slaves.
Training on My basic positions for slaves is a great start and you can find these by just googling "Devlynn DeSade slave positions" as I have made them readily available to anyone with the foresight to practice and make a good impression.
My parties are very different than others you will visit and I strongly believe what you put into something you get out. If you invest very little thought to your attire, practice or care to your actions and demeanor, I can imagine you will get very little out of Femdom in general.
The Americanization and commodification of Femdom can only reach so far. Just like at the gym,  if you rarely show up, rarely push yourself, you will rarely see the results you want. I have many slaves that have come far, are shining examples and others over the years who have flaked, tried to flip the script, and been disappointed in themselves.
You can lead a horse to water with a unicorn outfit on, but you can't force him to drink from the magical life renewing stream of subspace.