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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Medical Fetish Show at Blue Bar

Last night the gals got together and we decided to do an exploration of medical fetish.
Reverend Arielle served as patient, and Nurse Sam assisted.
Nurse DeSade readying the patient.

After we had finally converted the Reverend Arielle to our demented ways, we let her assist in an oral surgery. We were happy to have a somewhat willing volunteer from the audience.
You may notice our new nurse's rosy red cheeks... how did that happen?

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am always adding new toys to My collection... it keeps things exciting.
This week I bought a Zeus 6channel powerbox.  I have used a small tens unit before, but I wanted something more spectacular and severe. I was so excited about this new addition to My medical room, I decided to have My favorite ladies over to test it out.  We started with the pads, which I hooked up to Arielle's thighs.  It took a while to find the right setting and voltage, but we finally got the WOW! we were looking for.  After that, everyone wanted to get hooked up, and it was super fun getting the WOW! with everyone! I then decided to hook the clamps to my garters and get the WOW! myself.  I wonder what it would have felt like with all 12 clamps at the same time...

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bondage coffee table

I was given a gorgeous very solid asian style coffee table by a friend, but the glass inserts had broken.
So this week I had a slave modify the table into a bondage bench.  It is lovely, with red alligator instead of all the boring simple leather everyone else has. I can't wait to have a party with all My girlfriends, and bind a slave up on the coffee table through the whole party, to use and abuse, and force it to entertain us.  I'm sure it will be a great footrest, ashtray, and candleholder... how luxurious.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The DeSade Sideshow

July 1st marked the first presentation of the DeSade Sideshow, held at the Dock complex in Cincinnati.  We had a great turnout though many submissives were too afraid to talk to Me, hilarious.

I was clad entirely in latex, and we explored the beauty of submission in petplay. Our first pet was Gemma Nichole, the lovely cute puppy.

The pictures are a bit smoky and dark, of course given the nature of our surroundings.  Gemma was a very naughty puppy by the end of it, and had earned herself a bit of punishment and corner time.
The next animal in our menagerie was the lovely ponygirl Reverend Arielle.  Arielle is a highly esteemed fetish model and is so much fun to work with, to say nothing of her beauty. Our ponygirl was very well trained and more than obedient... of course ponies will not put up with abuse from fools without a few well-deserved kicks, and that is something I would never punish it for.

The last gorgeous specimen of our menagerie was the lovely Evie Von Fetchin.  Evie is amazing and can't get enough of bondage, so I trussed her up in a specially made female chastity harness, leather dog hood, leather armbinders, and taped her legs up. Even with all this she was still very mobile, and bound to get in trouble.

We ended the evening tying the willing to the St. Andrew's cross and administering good hearty whippings.  I had brought several floggers and a dragon's tail that gives a great sting.  We had quite a line for the whippings but managed to get to everyone, even one girl who said "My boyfriend would kill me if he knew I was doing this..."  We will keep her secret, won't we?

What a luxurious night.  I love petplay so much and have to do this again!
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