Tuesday, September 28, 2010


How bad do you want this?

This weekend only I will be visiting Louisville with Sisters of the Sacred Flesh.  I am taking the extra time to experience the city, and make myself available for appointments to a select few submissives.  There is not much time, so if you want time with Me while I am in Louisville, email Me now!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What an amazing night!

The show at Adonis was so much fun!
Lady Jewell was on hand to take care of all the punishment, Talon was doing suspensions, Rocky Doll the human pony was offering pony rides.  It was amazing to see some girls who have never ridden a human pony enjoying their ride!  How exciting!    I really can't go in detail about all the sin and debauchery of the evening... and some things must stay in secret as well... but WOW. 
The show did not go off without a hitch, however, though no one seemed to notice My latex skirt splitting in half mid act.  I am glad I chose to wear a thong instead of nothing at all, which was My initial instinct.  Also, Lady Jewell broke My lovely black paddle on some masochist's bottom, which is fine.  Though I love it, I will also blame the paddle for not being able to measure up to what these lovely Dominas need from it.
Any submissive who gifts Me with a strong paddle this week will receive special treatment from Me. 
No cheap little slappers please.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Mistress Devlynn- IN THE FLESH!

September the 24th,
Join Mistress Devlynn DeSade 
and the lovely Reverend Arielle
For the Sisters of the Sacred Flesh
fetish show.

4601 Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati
More information, and directions here

We will be spending our evening exploring the decadence of dominance and submission, the luxuriousness of latex, and many other of heart's darkest desires.

There will be a full dungeon set up in the club! and discipline all night long.

Who is Reverend Arielle?

Video of a previous show

are the same.  I am easily bored by  monotony- blech.  Hope you enjoy our newest offerings.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Help! for the Submissive Man

There is a merciful bone in My body after all... Read carefully as THIS IS A GIFT FOR YOU.

I have a very lovely slave who lives too far from Me to be of service to both Me and his own family.  Surely there may be at least one other hopeful submissive who fits this description.  This slave, when he does serve Me, is very pleasing. How does one become a pleasing slave?
he cares for My desires, not his own.  Many of you males who have not been with a truly dominant woman don't even know how to navigate this path, or what it looks like.  This is not a game.  The truly dominant woman is quickly bored and even disgusted by a male who thinks he can order her around... and a truly dominant woman's disgust is not what you want, even if you are a masochist.
When this slave sees Me he is like a happy puppy, ready to do whatever I want, and those are the first steps to revving up my engine.  Surely any submissive wishes to be able to do that for his Mistress, though they do not all know how.
he is silent, unless spoken to.  he does not move unless I am telling him how and where.  he realizes his body and mind are here for My use.
I realize for many of you this takes a lot of training, but surely you should try your best to be pleasing.  I only have time for those who care to try.  If you mistake Me for the sort of submissive woman you are used to dealing with (the very reason you are seeking Me out in the first place) you are doing both of us a disservice.  Yes a dominant woman is rare, which is all the more reason to cherish the possibility of being at the end of My chain.
If you are in a relationship, and you are submissive, things you can do to help Her dominant streak flourish:
non sexual worship and service:  when She comes home, serve Her.  If She likes wine or a martini to relax, get that for Her.  be silent.  Let Her sit in Her own gorgeous body and power- let your time together be one of Goddess worship, not a simple human relationship.  Massage Her feet.  You may be able to get away with kissing Her feet lightly.  Massage and worship Her legs.   Kiss Her ass while she stands above you- you can do this whenever- it will keep your subservience in Her mind.  Just as body language affects all other relationships, it can reinforce your submissive position in Her mind.
When you are out, get Her drinks and serve Her, then maintain a position away from Her.  you being away from Her will allow other men to make their advances.  This does many things- it shows Her how desirable She is, how worthless you are to Her, except in the light of your service to Her.  If you must, leave for awhile so She is very comfortable flirting with other men.  Make sure She knows you are comfortable by smiling, but not by chatting away about your wishes.  A squeaky wheel does not get the grease in this case.
Oral sex, who can emphasize it enough?  But make sure you also worship Her ass just as much, you want Her to realize you are compelled and worship every inch of Her. Enjoy oral sex as much as you can, then introduce something like this dildo gag.

Well that's enough help for you for now,  I hope your lives and your service gets a little better.

Friday, September 17, 2010

pony pics

A lovely afternoon spent on the farm with My favorite pony.  He looks much less tame than he is.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cruel Mistress of Columbus

I came across this lovely bbw Mistress Patty of Columbus.  She is a very sadistic woman who engages in some things I would love to try (castration) and some things I am not into (scat).  To each their own is something I truly believe, wholeheartedly, so I wanted to offer Her link to those of you interested in the form of play.  It is My opinion Mistresses should do what they enjoy, and Mistress Patty really enjoys what she does!  So if you have been searching for a Mistress who offers full toilet training, check her out.  Be careful to adhere to all her guidelines and be respectful, She is a true cruel and dominant woman.  
Link to Mistress Patty's Site

I really enjoyed some of her erotic writings on her castration blog:  Mistress Patty's Castration and Medical Blog

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free Video!

Here is a short preview of the full show we did in July... a circus where I am ringmaster and no non-human animals are abused.
Sisters of the Sacred Flesh Video

Come to our next show, September 24th at Adonis nightclub in Cincinnati... I am working with several fetish organizations in the area to allow for a full dungeon to be set up there, just for the evening.  This show's theme- Discipline!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Seduction: the cruel woman

I watched this lovely film this week... of course Udo Kier is a main character.  It is a german art film called Seduction: the cruel woman.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Enjoying Life

How many wonderful submissives have visited Me in the past few weeks.  Some have been well trained already, some very new.  One very sweet submissive gave Me a gift card to DSW... though I love shoes, we are heading into boot season... All the beautiful boots were on display, I love a brutal pair of boots so much more than a sexy heel...I found a lovely pair with leather straps from the instep all the way up to the knee.
They are gorgeous!
Also gorgeous, the blood red roses brought to Me, and the electrical torture suffered by one certain slave.
Delicious, the red wine it brought and served Me, in its maids uniform.
Delicious, how much I enjoy directing humiliation.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thinking about the past

Last night at the club I had a chance meeting with a submissive from a decade ago.  So much has changed since then he didn't recognize Me, so I was able to come out of nowhere.  I barely recognized him Myself, but I heard one of his friends calling his name, T for now. 
A decade ago or more, a girlfriend and I met T at a club.  He was wearing a collar and a leash (we were all very young then with no concept of protocols-lol)  I saw his leash and was a little excited, so I said to him, "Who owns you?"  (Yes I remember all this like it was yesterday) I surely didn't wish to offend any owner.
He said no one owned him, but I could have his leash if I liked.  I had him clean my boots for Me then to see how good he was it this.  After he showed his pleasure in that task (and he was very nervous) I made him My dog for the rest of the evening... he sat on the floor beside Me, sometimes with his head on My thigh, being pet and occasionally being fed little treats or sips from a cup.  This was divine, and the first time I had done any play of this certain kind.  When we all dispersed from the club, My girlfriend wanted to take him home (she was very much the impulsive sort) and I decided with his respectful demeanor and terrible cute mannerisms this was fine.  Once we had him home, we had a lot of fun with our new toy and some chains I had just bought at the hardware store.  he was very small and we found with no trouble at all we could bind him up securely in the chains and easily lift him off the floor.  Although he was so small, his body could take an amazing amount of pain and torture, I am still amazed to this day... how something that looks so tiny and frail can withstand and enjoy such abuse. I think he stayed for three days... he didn't want to leave.
Last night I learned that the ten years between haven't changed much... he still has a gorgeous pain tolerance, a wonderfully sweet submissive disposition, and a need to be of service and please a beautiful woman.  What a unexpected blessing built into such a tiny little man.
I only wish I didn't tire of them so quickly... sigh.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am pleased to have a sweet submissive who enjoys very strict bondage.  I think I discovered this in our first session when he didn't want to be let out of My neoprene sleepsack.  I also discovered that day that he could take a good amount of CBT,  so he was a perfect candidate for a fantasy I had about My medical room.  I taped and covered him in saran wrap, complete encasement.  From his toes to his head, everything on his body was tightly encased and bound in saran... he also had a hood over his eyes under the wrap.  I set him up with a breathing tube in his nose, and even gave him a little drinking tube.  It was beautiful, complete control... Then I poked tiny holes in the saran wrap for my electrical clamps, and had more fun.
This is a beautiful picture I took of him all wrapped up, with his tubes and the electrical clamps all set up.
It is so peaceful.