Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am pleased to have a sweet submissive who enjoys very strict bondage.  I think I discovered this in our first session when he didn't want to be let out of My neoprene sleepsack.  I also discovered that day that he could take a good amount of CBT,  so he was a perfect candidate for a fantasy I had about My medical room.  I taped and covered him in saran wrap, complete encasement.  From his toes to his head, everything on his body was tightly encased and bound in saran... he also had a hood over his eyes under the wrap.  I set him up with a breathing tube in his nose, and even gave him a little drinking tube.  It was beautiful, complete control... Then I poked tiny holes in the saran wrap for my electrical clamps, and had more fun.
This is a beautiful picture I took of him all wrapped up, with his tubes and the electrical clamps all set up.
It is so peaceful.