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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Have you a lesson to learn?

 I am strict, I am the strictest. All of my pupils get the highest grades achievable as my methods are unique and sought after. I set you tasks and stand over you, watching your every move and thought. I never let you leave my field of vision as I do not want you time wasting or looking out of the window at a girl you have the hots for. Any mistakes made, which always seem to occur will be swiftly punished with my cane. I will bend you over, pull down your pants and cane you as severely as necessary. I will then have you grovel on the floor kissing my shoes and apologizing for your bad behavior. I will train you and always take the necessary actions to ensure your obedience and good work.

 Hope you enjoyed your first curriculum!
The girls can be as testy as the boys, their training photos will be coming up next.  Eventually you see they did learn their lesson!
Thank you to the fine slave who took the care to pay attention to My post about the broken paddle.
you will definitely be getting special treatment from Me (as if you weren't already!!)