Monday, September 20, 2010

Help! for the Submissive Man

There is a merciful bone in My body after all... Read carefully as THIS IS A GIFT FOR YOU.

I have a very lovely slave who lives too far from Me to be of service to both Me and his own family.  Surely there may be at least one other hopeful submissive who fits this description.  This slave, when he does serve Me, is very pleasing. How does one become a pleasing slave?
he cares for My desires, not his own.  Many of you males who have not been with a truly dominant woman don't even know how to navigate this path, or what it looks like.  This is not a game.  The truly dominant woman is quickly bored and even disgusted by a male who thinks he can order her around... and a truly dominant woman's disgust is not what you want, even if you are a masochist.
When this slave sees Me he is like a happy puppy, ready to do whatever I want, and those are the first steps to revving up my engine.  Surely any submissive wishes to be able to do that for his Mistress, though they do not all know how.
he is silent, unless spoken to.  he does not move unless I am telling him how and where.  he realizes his body and mind are here for My use.
I realize for many of you this takes a lot of training, but surely you should try your best to be pleasing.  I only have time for those who care to try.  If you mistake Me for the sort of submissive woman you are used to dealing with (the very reason you are seeking Me out in the first place) you are doing both of us a disservice.  Yes a dominant woman is rare, which is all the more reason to cherish the possibility of being at the end of My chain.
If you are in a relationship, and you are submissive, things you can do to help Her dominant streak flourish:
non sexual worship and service:  when She comes home, serve Her.  If She likes wine or a martini to relax, get that for Her.  be silent.  Let Her sit in Her own gorgeous body and power- let your time together be one of Goddess worship, not a simple human relationship.  Massage Her feet.  You may be able to get away with kissing Her feet lightly.  Massage and worship Her legs.   Kiss Her ass while she stands above you- you can do this whenever- it will keep your subservience in Her mind.  Just as body language affects all other relationships, it can reinforce your submissive position in Her mind.
When you are out, get Her drinks and serve Her, then maintain a position away from Her.  you being away from Her will allow other men to make their advances.  This does many things- it shows Her how desirable She is, how worthless you are to Her, except in the light of your service to Her.  If you must, leave for awhile so She is very comfortable flirting with other men.  Make sure She knows you are comfortable by smiling, but not by chatting away about your wishes.  A squeaky wheel does not get the grease in this case.
Oral sex, who can emphasize it enough?  But make sure you also worship Her ass just as much, you want Her to realize you are compelled and worship every inch of Her. Enjoy oral sex as much as you can, then introduce something like this dildo gag.

Well that's enough help for you for now,  I hope your lives and your service gets a little better.