Friday, September 3, 2010

Thinking about the past

Last night at the club I had a chance meeting with a submissive from a decade ago.  So much has changed since then he didn't recognize Me, so I was able to come out of nowhere.  I barely recognized him Myself, but I heard one of his friends calling his name, T for now. 
A decade ago or more, a girlfriend and I met T at a club.  He was wearing a collar and a leash (we were all very young then with no concept of protocols-lol)  I saw his leash and was a little excited, so I said to him, "Who owns you?"  (Yes I remember all this like it was yesterday) I surely didn't wish to offend any owner.
He said no one owned him, but I could have his leash if I liked.  I had him clean my boots for Me then to see how good he was it this.  After he showed his pleasure in that task (and he was very nervous) I made him My dog for the rest of the evening... he sat on the floor beside Me, sometimes with his head on My thigh, being pet and occasionally being fed little treats or sips from a cup.  This was divine, and the first time I had done any play of this certain kind.  When we all dispersed from the club, My girlfriend wanted to take him home (she was very much the impulsive sort) and I decided with his respectful demeanor and terrible cute mannerisms this was fine.  Once we had him home, we had a lot of fun with our new toy and some chains I had just bought at the hardware store.  he was very small and we found with no trouble at all we could bind him up securely in the chains and easily lift him off the floor.  Although he was so small, his body could take an amazing amount of pain and torture, I am still amazed to this day... how something that looks so tiny and frail can withstand and enjoy such abuse. I think he stayed for three days... he didn't want to leave.
Last night I learned that the ten years between haven't changed much... he still has a gorgeous pain tolerance, a wonderfully sweet submissive disposition, and a need to be of service and please a beautiful woman.  What a unexpected blessing built into such a tiny little man.
I only wish I didn't tire of them so quickly... sigh.