Sunday, September 26, 2010

What an amazing night!

The show at Adonis was so much fun!
Lady Jewell was on hand to take care of all the punishment, Talon was doing suspensions, Rocky Doll the human pony was offering pony rides.  It was amazing to see some girls who have never ridden a human pony enjoying their ride!  How exciting!    I really can't go in detail about all the sin and debauchery of the evening... and some things must stay in secret as well... but WOW. 
The show did not go off without a hitch, however, though no one seemed to notice My latex skirt splitting in half mid act.  I am glad I chose to wear a thong instead of nothing at all, which was My initial instinct.  Also, Lady Jewell broke My lovely black paddle on some masochist's bottom, which is fine.  Though I love it, I will also blame the paddle for not being able to measure up to what these lovely Dominas need from it.
Any submissive who gifts Me with a strong paddle this week will receive special treatment from Me. 
No cheap little slappers please.