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Monday, October 25, 2010

Who am I?

I am an experienced, very beautiful female supremacist. I am also a lifestyle Dominatrix who lives the female domination lifestyle outside of professional sessions. A Mistress and Dominatrix and Goddess.. I am all of these. My clothing style is that of elegance mixed with strong fetish overtones.  I am a sadist but I am also realistic and respect all limits. Your desire to be dominated is matched and nearly always exceeded my overwhelming need to dominate and control. I do not play at domination, I do not go home to a vanilla environment afterwards;  femdom is completely natural.

I have the ability to fulfill your fantasies and make them come true. I will make you want me more than anything you have experienced before. My mind control is total and you will not recognize me as human but just a cold hearted, sadistic bitch who will always get what she wants. My appearance can stop your heart dead and you will yearn to crawl at my feet and suffer any degradation just to please your Goddess. My beauty and dominance will leave you in complete awe, helpless to resist and desperate. My intelligence and style will leave you in no doubt that I am completely superior to you in every way. One visit to me and you will know your destiny. 
No one else compares.. I am a ruthless, superior woman, a Dominatrix and Mistress in every meaning.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mean Mommy strikes again!

Some of you may think only men may have trouble dressing and acting in a feminine way to please a Mistress. This is simply not true! Surely you have been shopping at Walmart before!  We are in Ohio!

And though I teach Arielle again and again, she sometimes will show up at the dungeon dressed like this!
It's atrocious and she truly looks like a little boy, not the perfect woman we are trying so hard to mold her into!

A woman's work is never done!

We had to spend all afternoon getting her up to My scrutinizing standards... beautiful girly blond wig, girdle and corset, white lacey bullet bra, garters, silken thigh high hose.

Luckily I have entire room dedicated to transforming wayward ones like her.  

She looked nice, but there was still more to do...
teach her to walk in high heels.  She teetered a lot at first, and walks quite like a man, but after a lot of practice I think she can even walk in the 5inch stillettos I've bought for her.  She was rather embarrassed by how she looked, but was willing to even wear the bright red lipstick if she could escape a more severe punishment.  

Hopefully this time she may have finally learned her lesson.
When Mommy's not happy...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cincinnati Witches Ball

Enjoying some delicious pirate cake after the show with Reverend Arielle.         

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I hope you are enjoying your new panties, certain someone.
I just found this fabulous site today, 
They have the absolutely cutest site for feminisation fans EVER!  ALSO! DID YOU KNOW they sell silicone breast inserts for sissies in the lingerie section of your local Walmart, right next to the adhesive bras?  Little known secret... enjoy.

As per request, I have posted My personal wishlist on My website, 

Well, I am off to get prepared for the show tonight at the Southgate House in Newport.  If you see Me there please do not lurk like a freak, come up to Me and say Hello!  I will be very busy but I always have time for My fans.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cincinnati Witches Ball this Saturday

will be performing this Saturday evening at the 11th annual Cincinnati Witches Ball.
Mistress Devlynn DeSade and the Reverend Arielle will be offering corporal punishment and electroplay on the 2nd and 3rd floor. 
ALL proceeds from this evening's event go to the Robin's Hood Community Center, a independent nonprofit providing assistance to families in need.  Every year Robin's Hood runs the Magic Mini Mall in Covington to help the children of low or no income families.
Get your tickets for this event NOW- there are only 666 tickets available and this benefit sells out every year.  This will be one of the very last Sisters of the Sacred Flesh shows of this year in Cincinnati- so don't miss it.



Saturday, October 9, 2010

Latex nun

More photos from Discipline in Cincinnati, it was his 18th birthday!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pictures from the Louisville show!

This weekend's show in Louisville was a blast.  This was Rocky's first experience with saran and encasement and he really enjoyed it.  He is a big lover of latex and the first one of that kind I have met in this area, though probably not the last. 
Some people think latex is uncomfortable.  I think this may be a problem of design, low quality latex, or not wearing it long enough.  Once you wear the latex long enough, if it is high quality and of good design, it feels awesome! Any latex lover will tell you the same.  There is nothing like it! It heats up, stretches and forms itself to your body... it does collect the sweat.
 He is a very good pony and all the ladies enjoyed his service that evening.  It is a long standing desire of Mine to train the Men of this world to be able to serve not only Me but also all of My lady friends.  To this end we have started the Venus in Furs Bookclub- to make practical use of My bondage coffee table.  I will explain more on that later. 

How does one begin on the path to slavery?


A good slave should remember all rules set up by his or her owner. He or she will do their best to uphold those rules and keep within the agreed boundaries. Some subs like to push their owners, challenge their authority or be naughty; this only works if the dom/domme is compliant in such games. If not, the sub is breaking the golden rule by putting their own needs above their owner's.

*Expect nothing in return
If a dom/domme usually indulges a sub with a particular pleasure at the end of play, and one time chooses not to, this should be of no consequence to the sub. If the sub gets frustrated or annoyed, they're forgetting their sole purpose: to serve.

*Pay attention to detail
A good sub should be aware of how to please a dom/domme in every way possible. If you discover that your master or mistress has a weakness for chocolates, lavish them with the finest you can find. If they've always wanted to see you dressed as a cheerleader then turn up in the costume one day. While it's important that a sub sticks to rules and does exactly as his or her owner tells them, surprises like this show that the sub has been listening, is thinking of the dom/domme, and is trying to please.

*When in role, stay in role
Unless it's literally a life-or-death matter, no outside influences should be allowed to break the spell once both dom/domme and sub are in role. There's nothing worse than a phone ringing in the middle of play and a sub suddenly saying, "Oh crap, that's my sister calling me from Detroit. Do you mind if I take it? It might be important." A good sub may inwardly kick himself or herself (and be punished) for leaving it on but, knowing their place, will ignore it. A really good sub wouldn't even give it a moment's thought; he or she would be too lost in servitude.

*Take care of yourself
Remember, as a slave you're someone else's property and, as such, you should be well maintained. If your owner prefers a trimmer figure, longer hair, or wishes you didn't smoke, it's your duty to do your very best to fulfill these requirements. A good owner will want their slave to be fit, strong, and groomed. A mistress or master who encourages their slave to drink more, wash less, and grow a neck beard, however, isn't worthy of being served.

*Never complain or argue
Nothing will annoy a master or mistress more than a whiny slave, complaining, being demanding, or trying to tell their owner what to do. If, however, a sub is suffering in a way not conducive to play-their bound legs hurting, for example- he or she should always approach the issue in a tactful, apologetic manner. The slave should never tell their owner how to rectify the problem; that's the owner's role, not theirs. "Master, I'm sorry to bother you but I think my legs are getting pins and needles", is much better than, "You need to untie me; these restraints are hurting my legs".