Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mean Mommy strikes again!

Some of you may think only men may have trouble dressing and acting in a feminine way to please a Mistress. This is simply not true! Surely you have been shopping at Walmart before!  We are in Ohio!

And though I teach Arielle again and again, she sometimes will show up at the dungeon dressed like this!
It's atrocious and she truly looks like a little boy, not the perfect woman we are trying so hard to mold her into!

A woman's work is never done!

We had to spend all afternoon getting her up to My scrutinizing standards... beautiful girly blond wig, girdle and corset, white lacey bullet bra, garters, silken thigh high hose.

Luckily I have entire room dedicated to transforming wayward ones like her.  

She looked nice, but there was still more to do...
teach her to walk in high heels.  She teetered a lot at first, and walks quite like a man, but after a lot of practice I think she can even walk in the 5inch stillettos I've bought for her.  She was rather embarrassed by how she looked, but was willing to even wear the bright red lipstick if she could escape a more severe punishment.  

Hopefully this time she may have finally learned her lesson.
When Mommy's not happy...