Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pictures from the Louisville show!

This weekend's show in Louisville was a blast.  This was Rocky's first experience with saran and encasement and he really enjoyed it.  He is a big lover of latex and the first one of that kind I have met in this area, though probably not the last. 
Some people think latex is uncomfortable.  I think this may be a problem of design, low quality latex, or not wearing it long enough.  Once you wear the latex long enough, if it is high quality and of good design, it feels awesome! Any latex lover will tell you the same.  There is nothing like it! It heats up, stretches and forms itself to your body... it does collect the sweat.
 He is a very good pony and all the ladies enjoyed his service that evening.  It is a long standing desire of Mine to train the Men of this world to be able to serve not only Me but also all of My lady friends.  To this end we have started the Venus in Furs Bookclub- to make practical use of My bondage coffee table.  I will explain more on that later.