Monday, October 25, 2010

Who am I?

I am an experienced, very beautiful female supremacist. I am also a lifestyle Dominatrix who lives the female domination lifestyle outside of professional sessions. A Mistress and Dominatrix and Goddess.. I am all of these. My clothing style is that of elegance mixed with strong fetish overtones.  I am a sadist but I am also realistic and respect all limits. Your desire to be dominated is matched and nearly always exceeded my overwhelming need to dominate and control. I do not play at domination, I do not go home to a vanilla environment afterwards;  femdom is completely natural.

I have the ability to fulfill your fantasies and make them come true. I will make you want me more than anything you have experienced before. My mind control is total and you will not recognize me as human but just a cold hearted, sadistic bitch who will always get what she wants. My appearance can stop your heart dead and you will yearn to crawl at my feet and suffer any degradation just to please your Goddess. My beauty and dominance will leave you in complete awe, helpless to resist and desperate. My intelligence and style will leave you in no doubt that I am completely superior to you in every way. One visit to me and you will know your destiny. 
No one else compares.. I am a ruthless, superior woman, a Dominatrix and Mistress in every meaning.