Sunday, November 28, 2010


It has been a very enjoyable week for Me. My inbox is full of requests - this is not a double entendre.  
So to make it easier for you who wish to be in My presence for any amount of time, as thick headed as many of you can be, I would like to outline : Things that annoy, things that impress.
Understand, this Mistress is very busy, and very happy to be alive and in Her divine body. She does not need you... you need Her.  So it would behoove you to take notice of these things, and with great care you may be among the few allowed to serve and train at Her lovely feet.

Things that annoy:
  • millions of unsolicited emails. Lay your ego aside, simply ask, or beg.  Do not assume I have some interest in you, somehow, because you are special. All men come to Me on the same level, and their worth in My eyes is built only by service.
  • Exceedingly early arrival to appointments. Promptness is appreciated, extreme earliness is not. 
  • Those looking for a girlfriend- Are you kidding Me?  Because you're definitely kidding yourself.
  • Expecting My discretion, yet not offering Me any.  If you see Me out, a Hello suffices. What if I saw you out, with people who don't know this side of you?  IDIOTS.
  • Phone calls.  Unless you are specifically asking for an appointment or your call has been solicited by Me, My voice on the phone to you is not going to happen.
Things that impress:
  • Service, apparently I can't stress this enough.
  • Gifts, though this must be obvious.  Little things, that show you thought of Me, and what I like, or what we like to do together, go a long way.
  • Writing about Me, I find this endearing, a view into how it is for you. This is a gift that costs nothing but time.
  • Silence, in My presence, waiting for My questions or orders.
  • Listening, paying attention to My instruction.
  • Submissives who take care with their appearance- the care you take with your appearance, an interest in pleasing Me is more important than your age or muscles. blech.  I am as visual a creature as you, though perhaps not as shallow in My interests.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maid to Order, by R.P

One of My fantasies, clearly and beautifully brought to life.  What a dream come true.
Thank you R.P.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Maid to Order

Jason was an ass. A rich, 30-year-old ass, who had inherited his money from his grandfather's trust fund, and who had little to do but work out every day, play on the computer and manage his investments. And he did that well, almost tripling his wealth over a 10 year period—and then getting out of stocks before the housing bubble burst.

Over the years, he had become a slob, gaining a little weight, but increasingly more careless in the area of his personal life. He left clothes, dishes, and trash for his wife, Karen to pick up. At his company, his staff and cleaning crew picked up after him. Someone at the office made sure his car was kept clean. And he regularly got rid of trash while driving by throwing it out the car window.

The sloppy behavior had happened gradually, and was strange, considering his personal hygiene was without fault and that his fetish was watching porn—not just any porn, but Internet movies and pictures of men forced into lives of submission by strong women—women, who enslaved them in a life of torture and servitude—women, who would not put up with slovenly hygiene or behavior.  It was almost as though Jason was rebelling and just begging for someone to notice this and take charge of him and his life. When he wondered about that, he ended up telling himself he was just bored and wanting something more exciting, but then there was always that nagging feeling that it might go deeper than that.

Karen finally rebelled and told him she would no longer put up with his slovenly habits. She told Jason he had to hire a maid service or a maid quickly or she was going to divorce him. She informed Jason she had made an appointment for him with the owner of a maid service called Maid to Order that very afternoon.

He quickly agreed, realizing that his sloppy habits were out of control. He loved Karen, and he also had a perverted interest in actually meeting a real live maid, thinking it might be an exciting change from his everyday routine. In fact, the thought of it made his cock quiver with anticipation. If the maid was attractive, there was always the possibility he might seduce her or at least watch her work in one of those sexy outfits. Yes, he thought he would insist on her being attractive and wearing a full-blown maid’s outfit.

But Jason quickly learned that Maid to Order was not your average cleaning service.  The doorbell rang at the time the appointment was scheduled. Jason opened the door and was mesmerized by what he saw. Instead of a maid in maid’s uniform, there stood a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair. Her eyes were blue and looked directly at him.

She handed him her business card. “I’m Ms. Williams, the owner of Maid to Order.”

Jason stood there for a moment or two, speechless, before snapping out of it and inviting her inside. As she passed him, he took a good look at her appearance and was reminded of his junior high school teacher. Ms. Williams wore a black pencil skirt, topped by a white blouse and a black jacket. Her 3-inch stiletto heels made her just a bit taller than him, and her black hose displayed a darker black seam up the back of her toned legs.

“Well, aren’t you going to show me the way?”

Jason glanced up at her face. The smirk on it indicated she had caught him looking her over. “I’m sorry. I’m not usually this scattered. It’s just that I expected to interview a maid.” He directed her to the living room and the sofa, and they sat at opposite ends.

She sat her black briefcase on the floor and got right to the point, “As you can see, I am not a maid. I train maids—of both sexes, and I’m here because your wife has specific ideas as to what she wants in a maid.”

Did I hear right? Did she say she trains both sexes? He replied,  “Well, sure. I’m kind of messy, and I know how difficult it can be to clean up after a messy person.” Her legs parted, and he could see a bit of her thighs past where the hem of her skirt rested above her knees.  Dressed like that, he wondered if he played his cards right if she would let him fuck her. His cock stirred.

“Do you? I’m not sure you do.”

He looked down at her stiletto heels. He wanted to smother them with kisses.  She cleared her throat and his head came up with a start. “What do you mean?”

“I think you are more interested in staring at my legs and feet than you are about keeping this place clean. I ought to tell your wife that I caught you staring at me. You’re nothing but a fat little pervert!”

He was shocked! The thought of her telling Karen terrified him. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. You’re so beautiful. Please don’t tell Karen. I’ll do anything.” he whined.

She looked at him coldly. She loved controlling men and this one was going to be easy. “Anything? I don’t believe you.”

He saw a glimmer of hope. “I do. I do. I mean it. I’ll do anything.”

“Prove it. You’re so enamored of my feet and shoes—crawl over here and kiss them.”

“I’m sorry—what did you say?”

Her voice left no room for doubt. “You heard me, pervert. Crawl over here and worship my feet.”

His head swam with the thought of it and he felt weak.  She was magnificent—and she had caught him looking at her. Maybe doing it would take care of the problem. He dropped to his knees and hands and crawled to her. Looking down at her feet, he shivered.

“Kiss them.” Embarrassed, he started with the right one—smothering it with kisses—then the left one.  Eyes closed, he did not see the flashes from her cell phone as she took pictures of him. “Enough—what do you say?”

“Thank you?”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” He repeated her words. “You did that quite well. In fact, so well I wanted some pictures to remind me of your submission and to insure your further compliant behavior. Care to see them?” Her words shocked him and his head jerked upright.  She held her cell phone in front of his face. The picture on its screen left no doubt about what he was doing. “Don’t get any ideas about taking my phone and deleting them. I have already sent several to my personal email.”

“But you can’t do that!”

“I already have, slut boy, and I will send them to your friends and family if you don’t do what I say.” Going in for the kill always excited her.

“Please don’t do this.”

“I’ll do what I want and you will obey me without hesitation. Lick my shoes.” And he did—he licked both of them until she was satisfied and while she took more pictures. She made him pay special attention to her stiletto heels, even probing his mouth with their cock-like points. 

It didn’t take long for her to make him strip. “Looks like you’re enjoying this.” She pointed at his erection. “I understand why your wife wants you to be a maid. It’s so little, it can’t be of much use. You’ll be of much more use to her as a sissy maid.”

Her words shocked and humiliated him. Jason had never had any complaints about his manhood, but now he began to have doubts. Certainly she had to have had experience with training many men. Most men have doubts about their size at some point in their lives, and Jason was no exception. Ms. Williams stuck a knife into his ego and punctured it.

Ordering him over her knees, she opened her briefcase and brought out a paddle. While she held him tightly by the balls, she spanked him soundly—squeezing his balls whenever he resisted. His screams made her want to hurt him even more—so she did. He struggled under the paddle and each time he complained too much, she squeezed his jewels into submission. Her control of his left her almost breathless with excitement. She was a female supremacist and fully enjoyed putting Jason in his place. 

A white apron was tied around his waist, and his trainer tortured him by describing the French Maid’s outfit and other maid’s outfits he might be required to wear. Especially humiliating was the knowledge that all of his body hair would soon be shaved off and later permanently removed with several laser treatments. While tears of embarrassment ran down his cheeks, she began teaching him the proper way to clean the bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Whenever he did not catch on quickly enough, a riding crop she had brought along in her briefcase quickly punished his balls. She continued to tease and torment him about the size of his cock, but surprisingly and it remained erect, revealing Jason’s true feelings.

At one point, Ms. Williams struck the head of his cock several times with the crop, causing Jason to have one of the most intense climaxes of his life. His sperm seemed to explode from his sore cock, splashing all over the just cleaned floor.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing boy?” She was livid. “I DID NOT give you permission to come! You will NEVER come without permission again! Lick it up slut. And you had better not leave any of it or I will flay the skin off that pitiful little thing of yours.”

Jason went at it like a crazy man, furiously licking his sticky discharge off the floor, while is trainer made sure he cleaned up every drop by striking him with a leather belt whenever he missed a spot. Because his shriveled peter was still dripping, it was quite a while before the floor was cleaned to her satisfaction. His ass was a mass of red welts and stung like someone had fried it with a blow torch. When the implication of what he had done swept over him, he was too tired to be embarrassed. Ms. Williams had broken his spirit.

When Karen arrived, Ms. Williams had him present himself on hands and knees. She admired his welts and made him cry out as she stroked them with her hands and scratched them with her fingernails. They inspected the results of his cleaning, and Karen declared he had made a good start on his training. Another training appointment with Ms. Williams training was scheduled with Karen attending that one.

After Ms. Williams left, Karen laid down the law. “Things have changed around here. For several weeks, I have been looking at all of your perverted activities on the computer, and have decided to take charge of your life. You will immediately begin calling me Mistress at all times when we are alone. You will do all of the cleaning, grocery shopping, cook all the meals and serve me breakfast in bed every morning before you go work. Mistress Williams helped me buy some things to punish you with when you let me down.  Next week, I will buy things to outfit a dungeon in our basement and you will install them and build other things I will use to control and torture you with. Do you understand, slave?” There were other things planned, such as complete control of all money, investments and property, but that would be required later when his training was more complete and Jason was more compliant.

Jason swallowed. This was beyond anything he had ever imagined, and there appeared to be no choice. Not that he really wanted the choice. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Now crawl into the bedroom, and take care of the personal business at home you’ve neglected lately. I’ve got a little surprise gift for you.” Jason spent several hours on his knees pleasing his new Mistress, while his cock remained erect and confined in a brand new cage.


Friday, November 26, 2010

The Venus in Furs Bookclub part 2

Maid Mary Ann is much more lovely than this, but that is our little secret.
 When Mistress Devlynn asked me to serve as Her maid for a party She was having for her Dominatrix Friends i was both thrilled and fearful. This had always been a secret fantasy of mine but was i really going to serve a group of beautiful powerful women dressed in a sissy maid uniform, high heels, makeup and a wig? The answer was yes.
   I arrived on time as instructed. I had no idea how the evening was going to play out but any nervousness i felt was overcome by my desire to please Mistress Devlynn and do a good job for her. Mistress was stunning as usual. She led me to the dungeon and instructed me to begin changing in to my maid uniform an left me to do so. I had on my panties, garters, thigh high fishnet stockings, bra, and 5" high heels when Mistress returned with her beautiful friend Miss Sylvia. Miss Sylvia helped me with my corset, frilly petticoat, and maids dress and Mistress Devlynn applied my makeup. With the addition of a blonde wig and my feather duster my transformation in to Mary Ann the maid was complete.
   I followed The Ladies to the back room trying to be as graceful as possible in my high heels. Mistress Devlynn showed me my station equipped with various wines and champagne, glasses, and pretty little edible candied flowers to be put in the champagne. I was instructed on the proper way to prepare the drinks and serve them on a silver tray and told i could either stand or kneel next to my station when i wasn't tending to The Ladies. I paid close attention as i did not want to disappoint Mistress Devlynn by seeming to be poorly trained.
   As other guests arrived i welcomed them at the door and served them drinks as needed while The Ladies chatted. It was intoxicating being in the presence of and serving such beautiful Women. I was complimented for my outfit and makeup making me proud that The Ladies admired Mistress Devlynn's handiwork. Another slave had been placed in the dungeon and it wasn't long before The Ladies made their way in there with mischievous smiles on their faces. I couldn't help but be a little jealous of the other slave for all the attention he was getting but it didn't matter because i could tell that Mistress was pleased with my service so far. I decided to rest my legs a bit by kneeling next to my station. Mistress Devlynn came back in to the room and sat near me. She asked me if i was happy and without hesitation i said yes. How could i not be as i knelt at her feet transfixed by her stunning beauty while She fed me bites of a cookie from her perfect hand?
   So the evening went. The Ladies alternated between tormenting the lucky slave in the dungeon and sitting in the back room enjoying each other's company. The whole time i kept their drinks full; sometimes massaging their beautiful feet, sometimes serving as a foot stool. I didn't want the night to end but sadly it did. I helped The Ladies with their coats as they left and bid them a good night.
   As Mistress Devlynn helped me remove my makeup i could tell by the smile on her lovely face that She was pleased with how the evening went and my heart swelled with pride because i had helped put that smile there. As i drove home all i could think of was that i hoped there would be another party soon and i hoped Mistress Devlynn would allow me to serve as Her maid at it.
Maid Mary Ann

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mistress Devlynn's Birthday

My birthday is December 19th, the day of the hellraiser.  Very apropos, don't you think?
There is a wishlist on My site, on the contact page.  Some other ideas, (all these places offer gift certificates):

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Venus in Furs Bookclub

Arriving at Mistress Devlynn's dungeon it struck me as to what little amount of certainty i possessed; both about the nature of the evening and what my role was in it.  It was not long ago that Mistress had invited me to attend the night's event in a servant's capacity- an invitation that was readily accepted.  The need for further inquiry was obviated by prospect of time spent in the company of Mistress Devlynn.

Upon entering, Mistress led me down the path to her dungeon room.  Though i could hear distinctly feminine chatter emerging not far down the corridor from me, i was entirely too timid to look up from the floor to see if the origins of those voices were visible.  Perhaps this was silly given the inevitability of my situation, but having never been in this public of a setting in this context, i required a moment to adjust.

Of course, once inside the dungeon my desire to gaze upon the undeniable beauty of Mistress Devlynn overcame that hesitancy.  Though she had never appeared anything less than elegant in our prior meetings, she was particularly ravishing on this night.  Dressed exquisitely in a a black dress that accentuated her lovely figure and juxtaposed with her soft white skin, her image was befitting that of a Goddess.

My trance like state was interrupted as i received my initial instruction- i was to disrobe and await her return.  As i neatly folded and placed my previously adorned clothing in a pile, i could not help but take stock of my situation; seeing the endless supply of whips/paddles/floggers/etc. that hung about the walls, as well as being stripped of my clothing (and thus my status as an equal), led to an overwhelming sensation of vulnerability.

As the oncoming sounds of heels cracking against the hardwood floor increased in volume i knelt before the door in anticipation.   She had brought with her an undergarment for me to put on for the duration of the evening.  It was clear that the garment, which by means of an elastic waistband covered only the crotch area and nothing with respect to the back, was in place more so to accommodate the sensibilities of the other guests than it was to preserve and fleeting sense of modesty that i still retained.

It was at this juncture that i came to understand just how the evening would play out.

"You are to wear this as well" she said as she removed a dog like hood from the wall and unfastened it to fit over my head and neck. "You will remain in this room, and then as the women may decide they wish to use you, they will enter and you will obey them."

With that she attached a leash to me, lit the various candles throughout the room, and turned out the lights.  Before exiting she reminded me to remain in a kneeling position as i awaited the whims of the guests.

Not long thereafter the door reopened, and i was greeted by the sounds of multiple women who were now occupying the room with me.  Though they were hidden from my sight as i remained kneeling in the direction of the chair that Mistress Devlynn had moments before occupied, i felt their presence instantaneously, first figuratively... and then literally as one woman brushed passed me and inspected the disciplinary tools laid out in advance.

"I want to begin with these" she said, giggling somewhat sadistically as she selected an item that i would soon intimately discover to be some sort of nipple clamps.  The circular metal rings were attached my a metallic chain that now draped down my chest.  As if my plight was not significant enough, i was not completely at their mercy as tug or pull on that chain would result in pain the likes of which i dared not imagine.

While i felt the sensation of nails digging across my back, one of the women demanded that i assume the whipping position which i had previously been taught by Mistress Devlynn.  still on my knees, i extended my arms out before my body and stretched parallel to the ground, lowering my puppy clad head to the floor.  what followed next was an assortment of flogging devices cascading down upon my exposed flesh in succession.  Though the pain was not overwhelmingly burdening in its own right, the trepidation of what it might escalate to was very powerful.

After this activity ceased to provide entertainment, i was led by two of the women by leash to a wire cage alongside the wall, and instructed to enter.  After the door was secured shut, my captors retreated to another room.  Some time passed before they returned and let me out, but when they did, they also removed the dog hood from me.  This new freedom proved to be short lived though, as it was replaced with a ballgag device that supported an ash tray.  While i knelt before them, they smoked cigarettes and chatted idly, occasionally soliciting my opinion for a mumbled "yes/no" .  when appropriate, i would crawl nearer and they would tap their cigarettes on the ashtray attached to my mouth, as i struggled to maintain perfect posture so as not to create any mess.

When they exited, Mistress Devlynn joined me in private, and much to my relief removed the nipple device.  Though in many ways the removal, and subsequent squeezing to regenerate blood flow, was as painful as any part of wearing it, i was still quite grateful to be out.  She permitted me to talk with her briefly- a pleasure that far eclipsed any pain theretofore experience- before we were joined by another woman who was interested in playing with an electro device that was in the room.  For this the hood went back over my head, as did an accompanying blinding attachment.  Precluded from sight and laying flat on my back, i could only listen to their discussion:

"where do you want to apply it?  on his package?"

"yes.... i think that is exactly where i want"

with this declaration i felt my undergarment being slid down and prodding hands assembling some sort of conducting strip via padding and tape on my crouch region.  if i reacted squeamishly to that touch, it was nothing compared to my (largely involuntary) reaction to the electric current that on control was shot through me.  just as with being whipped before, the pain involved was magnified by the fear of escalation.  as the machine ominously ticked away between intervals, i tried to ready myself for the oncoming sensation, but the feeling- particularly in that area of the body- was so foreign to me that this proved in vain.  try as i might, i could not refrain from quaking violently whenever it was reintroduced.  After an indefinite number of rounds of this, the controller- perhaps taking pity upon me in my pathetic state- alerted me that we were done and the tape was to be removed.

Soon thereafter Mistress Devlynn returned and, after removing the padding and the hood, informed me that i was relieved of my position for the night.  After I redressed, she graciously permitted me the chance to kiss each woman upon the foot and express my gratitude for receiving their time.  Having done so, i was dismissed.  Though i offered to stay and clean the premises after the party (not entirely altruistic as i was motivated in large part by time in the company of Mistress Devlynn), i was rebuffed, as the party was to continue for some time in my absence.

~the account of submissive D.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Best Day lately.

First of all, the Venus in Furs bookclub party was nothing but pleasurable.  What a great evening! My sissy maid Mary Ann, was in top form, though very cheeky at the end of the evening as she didn't want to leave.  I chose however, instead of having our male sub tied on the coffee table, to have him waiting in the dungeon, kneeling in My dog mask.  This was more suitable to Me than having a pile a male flesh laying on the table in front of Me while I tried to enjoy My champagne.  The ladies really seemed to enjoy his service.  Miss Sylvia was resplendent in red and black silk and pencil skirt and if She loses even five pounds from Her gorgeous hourglass figure, we will all be terribly sad.  The details of this party will be written by the attendees and added to My blog soon. 

I spent My day lounging about, had a lovely breakfast made for Me by a submissive.  Arranged My flowers throughout the dungeon.  Then a favourite photographer of Mine, Single Chair, came to take a series of photos of Arielle and Me playing in the dungeon.  He is an amazing artist, these photos are examples of his work.  He will be submitting the best of our shoot to the Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show, which I am terribly excited about.  Of course Alfred Kinsey was such a groundbreaking and open minded biologist, he is really heroic in My mind. He really seemed to try to create a different world in which sexuality could be more free and open, and fetishes, homosexuality, masturbation, etc. would no longer be considered deviant and mental illnesses... not to mention all his work on the exploration of the feminine side of sex and sensation, previously ignored by other sexologists.  Obviously for our fetish photography to be honoured in such a way would be heartbreakingly fabulous.
If you do not know much about Kinsey, there is a wonderful movie about him with Liam Neeson, just called Kinsey. It is really worth watching for any human, but especially anyone with an interest in fetish, or alternative lifestyles.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rainy Day Movie list for those who enjoy hardcore bitches!

Do you enjoy watching hardcore bitches?  I do!  So I've made a list of My favorite movies that have really pleased Me in that arena... so you can enjoy some you may have missed. In a patriarchal culture it may be more rare to see these fabulous hardcore women, busting ass and taking names, but every now and then Hollywood caters to what we want to see!  Disclaimer: I enjoy gory movies.  I am also including movies wherein our female heroine gets killed in interest of goodness, or changes her ways in the end... this does not change how wonderful it can be to watch her gorgeous tyranny for the rest of the movie!

The Samurai Princess

When 11 of her friends are raped and murdered, leaving the Samurai Princess (adult video star Aino Kishi) the only survivor, she becomes infused with her comrades' souls. Transformed into an android, she sets out to avenge their deaths. Dai Mizuno co-stars as the princess's human partner in this Kengo Kaji-directed gore fest that features breast grenades, detachable chainsaw limbs, deadly guitar riffs and more.

 Countess Dracula
 This Hammer Productions cult classic stars Ingrid Pitt as Elisabeth, a countess who discovers that the blood of young virgins can restore her fading beauty. Her twisted lover, Captain Dobi (Nigel Green), is happy to keep her in supply.  Captain Dobi serves the Countess even murdering his ex-lovers to keep her happy.  Ingrid Pitt is DELECTABLE in this film.

Sleepy Hollow
While all the little girls were lusting after the inept and bumbling Johnny Depp, we were lusting after the gorgeous and cruel Lady Van Tassel, played by Miranda Richardson.  Her character twists and turns through the movie, but is always compelling. My favorite line, "Watch your Heads!"

alien resurrection
 In the third chapter of this sci-fi saga, Lt. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is the lone survivor when her spaceship crashes on a planet inhabited by former prison inmates. Her fears that an alien was aboard her craft are confirmed when bodies begin to pile up. But as Ripley tries to lead the inmates into battle against the creature, she makes another horrifying discovery.  Sigourney Weaver is tight leather clad killing machine with lesbian tendencies... need I say more?

the descent 1 and 2
 Six girlfriends, led by thrill seeker Juno (Natalie Mendoza), go spelunking a year after a tragic incident. But when they get trapped under the earth, all rationale escapes them as they start to suffer from limited oxygen and delusions -- or are they? Now, the friends must find a way to escape the cave and the murky creatures that lie within it. Beautiful self preserving women in brutal action.

High tension
Students Marie (Cécile de France) and Alex (Maïwenn Le Besco) have no idea of the horrors that await them when they head off to a remote country home to study for their upcoming exams and a psychopathic stranger attacks, tying up Alex and taking her away. It's up to Marie to save her friend -- but first, she must figure out what's really going on. Philippe Nahon co-stars in this twisty-turny tale of terror.
seduction the cruel woman

Wanda is a dominatrix who lures men and women of all types into her sadomasochistic world of sex. These seemingly random encounters occur with no accompanying dialogue that might insightfully point to politics or philosophy as a subtext... an abstract painting of a terribly cruel, laughing at your misery, German goddess featuring the fabulous Udo Kier.

Happy Hooker
 Dutch ingenue Xaviera Hollander (Lynn Redgrave) moves to New York, where she takes an office job. Soon, she's jumping from bed to bed with her male co-workers and decides to put her sexual success to work for her in her own call-girl business.  This sounds like a terrible movie but Lynn Redgrave is a hardcore Harlow-esque hustler.  Her simple powerful presence walking in her fur coat is breathtaking.
The Proposal
When she learns she's in danger of losing her visa status and being deported, overbearing book editor Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock, in a Golden Globe-nominated role) forces her put-upon assistant, Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), to marry her. Andrew is basically her slave for the first part of the film... very satisfying to watch Ryan Reynolds in this role;)  And WHAT A CUTE COVER!!!

Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!
Russ Meyer's 1960s exploitation film, a campy cult favorite, follows three tough go-go dancers -- Amber (Lori Williams), Janine (Haji) and Varla (Tura Satana) -- on a thrill-seeking rampage through the desert that runs the gamut from seduction and kidnapping to thieving and murder. Enough cannot be said about this film, Russ Meyer is a famous submissive.  Tura's performance is so luxuriously evil, though all the women are gorgeous bitches.  Her catsuit, leather gloves, beatdowns, and compelling stare are some of the greatest gifts in the world.   Fabulous.

Want to see a hardcore bitch in action?  What are you doing this Sunday?  Are you worthy to be in the presence of a real life bitch goddess?  Put in your request.

Monday, November 15, 2010

More photos from Resurrection- and the Sisters Wishlist!

whipping the naughty ones after the show

Have a gift sent to you, then bring it to us at our shows!
Or if you are really that shy, you can have it sent directly to us.
Our giftlist is HERE.
On our way back from the show, we stopped at the lion's den- that place is fabulous! I don't know if they have gift certificates, but it is now our tradition to stop there on road trips to stretch our legs and enjoy all the scenery.
Gagging the scoolgirl for bad behaviour
Teaching the priest to be a pony

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sisters of the Sacred Flesh in Pittsburgh

We had so much fun in Pittsburgh! The Altar Bar, where we performed, was a church! Complete with stained glass windows, backlit crosses everywhere, the altar was the stage, there were balconies galore!  We had our own personal bar in our dressing room, which was awesome! It was quite possibly the most luxe place we've played so far.  FABULOUS! The people were amazing as well, so nice and ready to play.  I met a lovely lady from a Girl Fights group... which to me sounds like a hell of a lot of FUN and I can't wait to "collaborate" with her.  What an awesome party!
This pic shows the PVC spanking skirt equipped nun costume I made for Arielle.  She had always wanted one.  This is my favorite pic- can't you just tell how much fun we're having! Also she is standing on the bible!

All night however My latex stockings kept rolling down!
Wouldn't you rather see Me in this?

More pics tomorrow!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Worship of a Goddess

I don't suffer fools who cannot see what is right before their eyes.  I know all about the human condition, but even this does not afford Me any sympathy.  
I am an incarnation of the goddess, as all women are, whether they choose to embrace it or not.  I am always clear about what I want and what I deserve.  
In the interest of quality over quantity I have been taking less appointments this month... I will not throw pearls to swine.  Those false devotees are more than easy to spot.
This method has made Me very pleased.  Separating the grain from the chaff means My days are filled with luxury and pleasure instead of frustration and confusion.  I see My time and everyone else's on this earth as precious and terribly finite resource.  Spending this time indulging in one of the most rewarding and grace filled traditions is one of the greatest blessings.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I love Halloween but I am glad it's over. What a busy time for Me! I am finally settling back in to a regular schedule.  I did My first burlesque show, possibly My last, on Saturday night with the Sisters of the Sacred Flesh.  I was nervous beforehand, but afterwards... wow, it was easier than our normal shows.  Whipping, paddling, and bondage are a lot more difficult than being sexy and disrobing on stage.  I suppose a lack of modesty does help!

After the show we all played around with the violet wand, and the club had set up a wheelchair for the comfort of My patients!  The general consensus of the people who played with the wand :

If I've missed an email from you during My favorite holiday, email Me again- My schedule is more open now.