Friday, November 19, 2010

The Best Day lately.

First of all, the Venus in Furs bookclub party was nothing but pleasurable.  What a great evening! My sissy maid Mary Ann, was in top form, though very cheeky at the end of the evening as she didn't want to leave.  I chose however, instead of having our male sub tied on the coffee table, to have him waiting in the dungeon, kneeling in My dog mask.  This was more suitable to Me than having a pile a male flesh laying on the table in front of Me while I tried to enjoy My champagne.  The ladies really seemed to enjoy his service.  Miss Sylvia was resplendent in red and black silk and pencil skirt and if She loses even five pounds from Her gorgeous hourglass figure, we will all be terribly sad.  The details of this party will be written by the attendees and added to My blog soon. 

I spent My day lounging about, had a lovely breakfast made for Me by a submissive.  Arranged My flowers throughout the dungeon.  Then a favourite photographer of Mine, Single Chair, came to take a series of photos of Arielle and Me playing in the dungeon.  He is an amazing artist, these photos are examples of his work.  He will be submitting the best of our shoot to the Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show, which I am terribly excited about.  Of course Alfred Kinsey was such a groundbreaking and open minded biologist, he is really heroic in My mind. He really seemed to try to create a different world in which sexuality could be more free and open, and fetishes, homosexuality, masturbation, etc. would no longer be considered deviant and mental illnesses... not to mention all his work on the exploration of the feminine side of sex and sensation, previously ignored by other sexologists.  Obviously for our fetish photography to be honoured in such a way would be heartbreakingly fabulous.
If you do not know much about Kinsey, there is a wonderful movie about him with Liam Neeson, just called Kinsey. It is really worth watching for any human, but especially anyone with an interest in fetish, or alternative lifestyles.