Friday, November 26, 2010

The Venus in Furs Bookclub part 2

Maid Mary Ann is much more lovely than this, but that is our little secret.
 When Mistress Devlynn asked me to serve as Her maid for a party She was having for her Dominatrix Friends i was both thrilled and fearful. This had always been a secret fantasy of mine but was i really going to serve a group of beautiful powerful women dressed in a sissy maid uniform, high heels, makeup and a wig? The answer was yes.
   I arrived on time as instructed. I had no idea how the evening was going to play out but any nervousness i felt was overcome by my desire to please Mistress Devlynn and do a good job for her. Mistress was stunning as usual. She led me to the dungeon and instructed me to begin changing in to my maid uniform an left me to do so. I had on my panties, garters, thigh high fishnet stockings, bra, and 5" high heels when Mistress returned with her beautiful friend Miss Sylvia. Miss Sylvia helped me with my corset, frilly petticoat, and maids dress and Mistress Devlynn applied my makeup. With the addition of a blonde wig and my feather duster my transformation in to Mary Ann the maid was complete.
   I followed The Ladies to the back room trying to be as graceful as possible in my high heels. Mistress Devlynn showed me my station equipped with various wines and champagne, glasses, and pretty little edible candied flowers to be put in the champagne. I was instructed on the proper way to prepare the drinks and serve them on a silver tray and told i could either stand or kneel next to my station when i wasn't tending to The Ladies. I paid close attention as i did not want to disappoint Mistress Devlynn by seeming to be poorly trained.
   As other guests arrived i welcomed them at the door and served them drinks as needed while The Ladies chatted. It was intoxicating being in the presence of and serving such beautiful Women. I was complimented for my outfit and makeup making me proud that The Ladies admired Mistress Devlynn's handiwork. Another slave had been placed in the dungeon and it wasn't long before The Ladies made their way in there with mischievous smiles on their faces. I couldn't help but be a little jealous of the other slave for all the attention he was getting but it didn't matter because i could tell that Mistress was pleased with my service so far. I decided to rest my legs a bit by kneeling next to my station. Mistress Devlynn came back in to the room and sat near me. She asked me if i was happy and without hesitation i said yes. How could i not be as i knelt at her feet transfixed by her stunning beauty while She fed me bites of a cookie from her perfect hand?
   So the evening went. The Ladies alternated between tormenting the lucky slave in the dungeon and sitting in the back room enjoying each other's company. The whole time i kept their drinks full; sometimes massaging their beautiful feet, sometimes serving as a foot stool. I didn't want the night to end but sadly it did. I helped The Ladies with their coats as they left and bid them a good night.
   As Mistress Devlynn helped me remove my makeup i could tell by the smile on her lovely face that She was pleased with how the evening went and my heart swelled with pride because i had helped put that smile there. As i drove home all i could think of was that i hoped there would be another party soon and i hoped Mistress Devlynn would allow me to serve as Her maid at it.
Maid Mary Ann