Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maid to Order, by R.P

One of My fantasies, clearly and beautifully brought to life.  What a dream come true.
Thank you R.P.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Maid to Order

Jason was an ass. A rich, 30-year-old ass, who had inherited his money from his grandfather's trust fund, and who had little to do but work out every day, play on the computer and manage his investments. And he did that well, almost tripling his wealth over a 10 year period—and then getting out of stocks before the housing bubble burst.

Over the years, he had become a slob, gaining a little weight, but increasingly more careless in the area of his personal life. He left clothes, dishes, and trash for his wife, Karen to pick up. At his company, his staff and cleaning crew picked up after him. Someone at the office made sure his car was kept clean. And he regularly got rid of trash while driving by throwing it out the car window.

The sloppy behavior had happened gradually, and was strange, considering his personal hygiene was without fault and that his fetish was watching porn—not just any porn, but Internet movies and pictures of men forced into lives of submission by strong women—women, who enslaved them in a life of torture and servitude—women, who would not put up with slovenly hygiene or behavior.  It was almost as though Jason was rebelling and just begging for someone to notice this and take charge of him and his life. When he wondered about that, he ended up telling himself he was just bored and wanting something more exciting, but then there was always that nagging feeling that it might go deeper than that.

Karen finally rebelled and told him she would no longer put up with his slovenly habits. She told Jason he had to hire a maid service or a maid quickly or she was going to divorce him. She informed Jason she had made an appointment for him with the owner of a maid service called Maid to Order that very afternoon.

He quickly agreed, realizing that his sloppy habits were out of control. He loved Karen, and he also had a perverted interest in actually meeting a real live maid, thinking it might be an exciting change from his everyday routine. In fact, the thought of it made his cock quiver with anticipation. If the maid was attractive, there was always the possibility he might seduce her or at least watch her work in one of those sexy outfits. Yes, he thought he would insist on her being attractive and wearing a full-blown maid’s outfit.

But Jason quickly learned that Maid to Order was not your average cleaning service.  The doorbell rang at the time the appointment was scheduled. Jason opened the door and was mesmerized by what he saw. Instead of a maid in maid’s uniform, there stood a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair. Her eyes were blue and looked directly at him.

She handed him her business card. “I’m Ms. Williams, the owner of Maid to Order.”

Jason stood there for a moment or two, speechless, before snapping out of it and inviting her inside. As she passed him, he took a good look at her appearance and was reminded of his junior high school teacher. Ms. Williams wore a black pencil skirt, topped by a white blouse and a black jacket. Her 3-inch stiletto heels made her just a bit taller than him, and her black hose displayed a darker black seam up the back of her toned legs.

“Well, aren’t you going to show me the way?”

Jason glanced up at her face. The smirk on it indicated she had caught him looking her over. “I’m sorry. I’m not usually this scattered. It’s just that I expected to interview a maid.” He directed her to the living room and the sofa, and they sat at opposite ends.

She sat her black briefcase on the floor and got right to the point, “As you can see, I am not a maid. I train maids—of both sexes, and I’m here because your wife has specific ideas as to what she wants in a maid.”

Did I hear right? Did she say she trains both sexes? He replied,  “Well, sure. I’m kind of messy, and I know how difficult it can be to clean up after a messy person.” Her legs parted, and he could see a bit of her thighs past where the hem of her skirt rested above her knees.  Dressed like that, he wondered if he played his cards right if she would let him fuck her. His cock stirred.

“Do you? I’m not sure you do.”

He looked down at her stiletto heels. He wanted to smother them with kisses.  She cleared her throat and his head came up with a start. “What do you mean?”

“I think you are more interested in staring at my legs and feet than you are about keeping this place clean. I ought to tell your wife that I caught you staring at me. You’re nothing but a fat little pervert!”

He was shocked! The thought of her telling Karen terrified him. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. You’re so beautiful. Please don’t tell Karen. I’ll do anything.” he whined.

She looked at him coldly. She loved controlling men and this one was going to be easy. “Anything? I don’t believe you.”

He saw a glimmer of hope. “I do. I do. I mean it. I’ll do anything.”

“Prove it. You’re so enamored of my feet and shoes—crawl over here and kiss them.”

“I’m sorry—what did you say?”

Her voice left no room for doubt. “You heard me, pervert. Crawl over here and worship my feet.”

His head swam with the thought of it and he felt weak.  She was magnificent—and she had caught him looking at her. Maybe doing it would take care of the problem. He dropped to his knees and hands and crawled to her. Looking down at her feet, he shivered.

“Kiss them.” Embarrassed, he started with the right one—smothering it with kisses—then the left one.  Eyes closed, he did not see the flashes from her cell phone as she took pictures of him. “Enough—what do you say?”

“Thank you?”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” He repeated her words. “You did that quite well. In fact, so well I wanted some pictures to remind me of your submission and to insure your further compliant behavior. Care to see them?” Her words shocked him and his head jerked upright.  She held her cell phone in front of his face. The picture on its screen left no doubt about what he was doing. “Don’t get any ideas about taking my phone and deleting them. I have already sent several to my personal email.”

“But you can’t do that!”

“I already have, slut boy, and I will send them to your friends and family if you don’t do what I say.” Going in for the kill always excited her.

“Please don’t do this.”

“I’ll do what I want and you will obey me without hesitation. Lick my shoes.” And he did—he licked both of them until she was satisfied and while she took more pictures. She made him pay special attention to her stiletto heels, even probing his mouth with their cock-like points. 

It didn’t take long for her to make him strip. “Looks like you’re enjoying this.” She pointed at his erection. “I understand why your wife wants you to be a maid. It’s so little, it can’t be of much use. You’ll be of much more use to her as a sissy maid.”

Her words shocked and humiliated him. Jason had never had any complaints about his manhood, but now he began to have doubts. Certainly she had to have had experience with training many men. Most men have doubts about their size at some point in their lives, and Jason was no exception. Ms. Williams stuck a knife into his ego and punctured it.

Ordering him over her knees, she opened her briefcase and brought out a paddle. While she held him tightly by the balls, she spanked him soundly—squeezing his balls whenever he resisted. His screams made her want to hurt him even more—so she did. He struggled under the paddle and each time he complained too much, she squeezed his jewels into submission. Her control of his left her almost breathless with excitement. She was a female supremacist and fully enjoyed putting Jason in his place. 

A white apron was tied around his waist, and his trainer tortured him by describing the French Maid’s outfit and other maid’s outfits he might be required to wear. Especially humiliating was the knowledge that all of his body hair would soon be shaved off and later permanently removed with several laser treatments. While tears of embarrassment ran down his cheeks, she began teaching him the proper way to clean the bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Whenever he did not catch on quickly enough, a riding crop she had brought along in her briefcase quickly punished his balls. She continued to tease and torment him about the size of his cock, but surprisingly and it remained erect, revealing Jason’s true feelings.

At one point, Ms. Williams struck the head of his cock several times with the crop, causing Jason to have one of the most intense climaxes of his life. His sperm seemed to explode from his sore cock, splashing all over the just cleaned floor.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing boy?” She was livid. “I DID NOT give you permission to come! You will NEVER come without permission again! Lick it up slut. And you had better not leave any of it or I will flay the skin off that pitiful little thing of yours.”

Jason went at it like a crazy man, furiously licking his sticky discharge off the floor, while is trainer made sure he cleaned up every drop by striking him with a leather belt whenever he missed a spot. Because his shriveled peter was still dripping, it was quite a while before the floor was cleaned to her satisfaction. His ass was a mass of red welts and stung like someone had fried it with a blow torch. When the implication of what he had done swept over him, he was too tired to be embarrassed. Ms. Williams had broken his spirit.

When Karen arrived, Ms. Williams had him present himself on hands and knees. She admired his welts and made him cry out as she stroked them with her hands and scratched them with her fingernails. They inspected the results of his cleaning, and Karen declared he had made a good start on his training. Another training appointment with Ms. Williams training was scheduled with Karen attending that one.

After Ms. Williams left, Karen laid down the law. “Things have changed around here. For several weeks, I have been looking at all of your perverted activities on the computer, and have decided to take charge of your life. You will immediately begin calling me Mistress at all times when we are alone. You will do all of the cleaning, grocery shopping, cook all the meals and serve me breakfast in bed every morning before you go work. Mistress Williams helped me buy some things to punish you with when you let me down.  Next week, I will buy things to outfit a dungeon in our basement and you will install them and build other things I will use to control and torture you with. Do you understand, slave?” There were other things planned, such as complete control of all money, investments and property, but that would be required later when his training was more complete and Jason was more compliant.

Jason swallowed. This was beyond anything he had ever imagined, and there appeared to be no choice. Not that he really wanted the choice. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Now crawl into the bedroom, and take care of the personal business at home you’ve neglected lately. I’ve got a little surprise gift for you.” Jason spent several hours on his knees pleasing his new Mistress, while his cock remained erect and confined in a brand new cage.