Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sisters of the Sacred Flesh in Pittsburgh

We had so much fun in Pittsburgh! The Altar Bar, where we performed, was a church! Complete with stained glass windows, backlit crosses everywhere, the altar was the stage, there were balconies galore!  We had our own personal bar in our dressing room, which was awesome! It was quite possibly the most luxe place we've played so far.  FABULOUS! The people were amazing as well, so nice and ready to play.  I met a lovely lady from a Girl Fights group... which to me sounds like a hell of a lot of FUN and I can't wait to "collaborate" with her.  What an awesome party!
This pic shows the PVC spanking skirt equipped nun costume I made for Arielle.  She had always wanted one.  This is my favorite pic- can't you just tell how much fun we're having! Also she is standing on the bible!

All night however My latex stockings kept rolling down!
Wouldn't you rather see Me in this?

More pics tomorrow!