Sunday, November 28, 2010


It has been a very enjoyable week for Me. My inbox is full of requests - this is not a double entendre.  
So to make it easier for you who wish to be in My presence for any amount of time, as thick headed as many of you can be, I would like to outline : Things that annoy, things that impress.
Understand, this Mistress is very busy, and very happy to be alive and in Her divine body. She does not need you... you need Her.  So it would behoove you to take notice of these things, and with great care you may be among the few allowed to serve and train at Her lovely feet.

Things that annoy:
  • millions of unsolicited emails. Lay your ego aside, simply ask, or beg.  Do not assume I have some interest in you, somehow, because you are special. All men come to Me on the same level, and their worth in My eyes is built only by service.
  • Exceedingly early arrival to appointments. Promptness is appreciated, extreme earliness is not. 
  • Those looking for a girlfriend- Are you kidding Me?  Because you're definitely kidding yourself.
  • Expecting My discretion, yet not offering Me any.  If you see Me out, a Hello suffices. What if I saw you out, with people who don't know this side of you?  IDIOTS.
  • Phone calls.  Unless you are specifically asking for an appointment or your call has been solicited by Me, My voice on the phone to you is not going to happen.
Things that impress:
  • Service, apparently I can't stress this enough.
  • Gifts, though this must be obvious.  Little things, that show you thought of Me, and what I like, or what we like to do together, go a long way.
  • Writing about Me, I find this endearing, a view into how it is for you. This is a gift that costs nothing but time.
  • Silence, in My presence, waiting for My questions or orders.
  • Listening, paying attention to My instruction.
  • Submissives who take care with their appearance- the care you take with your appearance, an interest in pleasing Me is more important than your age or muscles. blech.  I am as visual a creature as you, though perhaps not as shallow in My interests.