Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Venus in Furs Bookclub

Arriving at Mistress Devlynn's dungeon it struck me as to what little amount of certainty i possessed; both about the nature of the evening and what my role was in it.  It was not long ago that Mistress had invited me to attend the night's event in a servant's capacity- an invitation that was readily accepted.  The need for further inquiry was obviated by prospect of time spent in the company of Mistress Devlynn.

Upon entering, Mistress led me down the path to her dungeon room.  Though i could hear distinctly feminine chatter emerging not far down the corridor from me, i was entirely too timid to look up from the floor to see if the origins of those voices were visible.  Perhaps this was silly given the inevitability of my situation, but having never been in this public of a setting in this context, i required a moment to adjust.

Of course, once inside the dungeon my desire to gaze upon the undeniable beauty of Mistress Devlynn overcame that hesitancy.  Though she had never appeared anything less than elegant in our prior meetings, she was particularly ravishing on this night.  Dressed exquisitely in a a black dress that accentuated her lovely figure and juxtaposed with her soft white skin, her image was befitting that of a Goddess.

My trance like state was interrupted as i received my initial instruction- i was to disrobe and await her return.  As i neatly folded and placed my previously adorned clothing in a pile, i could not help but take stock of my situation; seeing the endless supply of whips/paddles/floggers/etc. that hung about the walls, as well as being stripped of my clothing (and thus my status as an equal), led to an overwhelming sensation of vulnerability.

As the oncoming sounds of heels cracking against the hardwood floor increased in volume i knelt before the door in anticipation.   She had brought with her an undergarment for me to put on for the duration of the evening.  It was clear that the garment, which by means of an elastic waistband covered only the crotch area and nothing with respect to the back, was in place more so to accommodate the sensibilities of the other guests than it was to preserve and fleeting sense of modesty that i still retained.

It was at this juncture that i came to understand just how the evening would play out.

"You are to wear this as well" she said as she removed a dog like hood from the wall and unfastened it to fit over my head and neck. "You will remain in this room, and then as the women may decide they wish to use you, they will enter and you will obey them."

With that she attached a leash to me, lit the various candles throughout the room, and turned out the lights.  Before exiting she reminded me to remain in a kneeling position as i awaited the whims of the guests.

Not long thereafter the door reopened, and i was greeted by the sounds of multiple women who were now occupying the room with me.  Though they were hidden from my sight as i remained kneeling in the direction of the chair that Mistress Devlynn had moments before occupied, i felt their presence instantaneously, first figuratively... and then literally as one woman brushed passed me and inspected the disciplinary tools laid out in advance.

"I want to begin with these" she said, giggling somewhat sadistically as she selected an item that i would soon intimately discover to be some sort of nipple clamps.  The circular metal rings were attached my a metallic chain that now draped down my chest.  As if my plight was not significant enough, i was not completely at their mercy as tug or pull on that chain would result in pain the likes of which i dared not imagine.

While i felt the sensation of nails digging across my back, one of the women demanded that i assume the whipping position which i had previously been taught by Mistress Devlynn.  still on my knees, i extended my arms out before my body and stretched parallel to the ground, lowering my puppy clad head to the floor.  what followed next was an assortment of flogging devices cascading down upon my exposed flesh in succession.  Though the pain was not overwhelmingly burdening in its own right, the trepidation of what it might escalate to was very powerful.

After this activity ceased to provide entertainment, i was led by two of the women by leash to a wire cage alongside the wall, and instructed to enter.  After the door was secured shut, my captors retreated to another room.  Some time passed before they returned and let me out, but when they did, they also removed the dog hood from me.  This new freedom proved to be short lived though, as it was replaced with a ballgag device that supported an ash tray.  While i knelt before them, they smoked cigarettes and chatted idly, occasionally soliciting my opinion for a mumbled "yes/no" .  when appropriate, i would crawl nearer and they would tap their cigarettes on the ashtray attached to my mouth, as i struggled to maintain perfect posture so as not to create any mess.

When they exited, Mistress Devlynn joined me in private, and much to my relief removed the nipple device.  Though in many ways the removal, and subsequent squeezing to regenerate blood flow, was as painful as any part of wearing it, i was still quite grateful to be out.  She permitted me to talk with her briefly- a pleasure that far eclipsed any pain theretofore experience- before we were joined by another woman who was interested in playing with an electro device that was in the room.  For this the hood went back over my head, as did an accompanying blinding attachment.  Precluded from sight and laying flat on my back, i could only listen to their discussion:

"where do you want to apply it?  on his package?"

"yes.... i think that is exactly where i want"

with this declaration i felt my undergarment being slid down and prodding hands assembling some sort of conducting strip via padding and tape on my crouch region.  if i reacted squeamishly to that touch, it was nothing compared to my (largely involuntary) reaction to the electric current that on control was shot through me.  just as with being whipped before, the pain involved was magnified by the fear of escalation.  as the machine ominously ticked away between intervals, i tried to ready myself for the oncoming sensation, but the feeling- particularly in that area of the body- was so foreign to me that this proved in vain.  try as i might, i could not refrain from quaking violently whenever it was reintroduced.  After an indefinite number of rounds of this, the controller- perhaps taking pity upon me in my pathetic state- alerted me that we were done and the tape was to be removed.

Soon thereafter Mistress Devlynn returned and, after removing the padding and the hood, informed me that i was relieved of my position for the night.  After I redressed, she graciously permitted me the chance to kiss each woman upon the foot and express my gratitude for receiving their time.  Having done so, i was dismissed.  Though i offered to stay and clean the premises after the party (not entirely altruistic as i was motivated in large part by time in the company of Mistress Devlynn), i was rebuffed, as the party was to continue for some time in my absence.

~the account of submissive D.