Monday, November 8, 2010

Worship of a Goddess

I don't suffer fools who cannot see what is right before their eyes.  I know all about the human condition, but even this does not afford Me any sympathy.  
I am an incarnation of the goddess, as all women are, whether they choose to embrace it or not.  I am always clear about what I want and what I deserve.  
In the interest of quality over quantity I have been taking less appointments this month... I will not throw pearls to swine.  Those false devotees are more than easy to spot.
This method has made Me very pleased.  Separating the grain from the chaff means My days are filled with luxury and pleasure instead of frustration and confusion.  I see My time and everyone else's on this earth as precious and terribly finite resource.  Spending this time indulging in one of the most rewarding and grace filled traditions is one of the greatest blessings.