Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Female Led Relationship

I had the great fortune of stumbling across this blog today.  I am very happy when people put into words the things I am thinking about all the time.
Why do more women not revel in their superiority?
It can be very disheartening, especially to someone like Me, who knows so many men who would directly benefit from a strong handed woman secure in herself enough to rule them. 
All of My studies have affirmed the feminine power. I know many people do not agree with Me on this point, but unlike religious fanatic, it is not faith in the power, but facts that support My belief.
Anyway, the concept of the Female Led Relationship is something that even the vanilla folk can get behind, and it no doubt develops from time to time a bit of kinky flavor. 

I love protocol.
And enslavement, of the male, in all its forms.