Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Joys of Pony Play- for the Curious

 "My name is Merrylegs: I am very handsome, I carry the young ladies on my back, and sometimes I take our mistress out in the low chair... (Black Beauty, Ch. 5, Anna Sewell 1877)."

"One Lady jumped aboard, and immediately whacked my bum hard with her crop, to the cry of 'faster!' and continued doing so for a complete circuit. I, of course, ran, and did not notice the cold and the fog (it was November). It was good fun..."--Silver Sparks, Ponyboy Sparky

I am very interested in Pony Play.  I am well aware, however, that not many people understand it.
So here is My view... only My view, not the view of every person who enjoys this sort of play.  Kink is a realm of mind and body, and just as no two minds and bodies are the same I think there are no two people with the exact same kink.
Of course that is what makes the

world of kinky people so wonderful and endlessly fascinating.  I hope I can help some of you who don't understand this play get an idea of why it is we do what we do.

Ponyplay for Me consists of training and play. Pony training can be strenuous as there is a lot for the pony to learn, the stance, trotting, canter, and all the proper behaviours must be taught to the pony's BODY as well as their mind.  In this way they can learn to act and react in a pleasing way for both the pony and master.  I have heard that some ponies are trained not by their owners but outsiders for this reason- the amount of care, patience and work involved.  I of course enjoy training, protocol, challenges... so I would never do this. I also am a control freak (aren't you glad!?) and many times the way I wish for a pony to be trained is very specific to My desires and not just the prescribed trainings.

Ponies many times have the most loveliest outfits and bondage devices.  This is surely one of the many things that drew Me at first to ponyplay.  I have a specific desire at all times that My submissives be like prized possessions to Me.  I want them to be lovely, pleasing at all times in every way including visually. Both the training and the outfits seem to speak to My desire for the highest standard at all times. Those who have served Me in person know this already- I usually have goals for the submissive and try to reach them, I can be very pleased when someone reaches the goals I have set for them.

Ponies are not allowed to talk.  They must learn to communicate with their bodies. This means the pony and the owner must learn this language, for the pony's safety.  This can be such a beautiful thing.  I also think for many people it is difficult for them to shut their mouths... what they don't realize is that the silence of their mind, that silence being filled only by the dominant, and their own bodies' experience, can be such a beautiful, powerful, healing experience.  Because of the training placed on the pony, their costuming, their transformation into an animal, for the dominant's use, no longer human, I think it is very easy for them to be in and stay in a pleasurably strong submissive headspace.  I read once of a woman who simply would put on a hat with a ponytail and then would feel she was transformed into a pony and was no longer human.  I also know that when I play with one of My ponies, he does not like to take his bridle and bit off for as long as he possibly can... it is a peaceful, enjoyable place for him and he doesn't want to leave it.

Of course these types of things are applicable to many kinds of play... which is why I love protocol and training so much.  One would hope for a submissive, just a simple act like the placing of the collar can dictate a complete internal shift for them. For every person the push to that space is different.

Phyllis Riding Aristotle, a 1620 woodcut by Hans Bedlung Grien