Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Latex Fetish - A Primer

Latex seems to be very misunderstood, and underestimated.
Some people say latex is uncomfortable. At one time I would have agreed with them.
Now I would say latex is not only comfortable but extremely pleasurable to wear.
YES, there are some things that give pleasure to the wearer. I have a secret lust for many of these objects of desire...girdles, stockings, bullet bras, waist training corsets to name a few.  Being a dominant woman who believes My pleasure is WORTH something, I actually spend a great deal of money on these types of things. My preferred lounging around outfit is a girdle and fully form stockings... It just makes you feel good in your body.
But I digress...
A very kind submissive gave Me the gift of a certificate from twist my rubber arm .  I do own some rubber already, but took this chance to order full length gloves, skirts, long line bra, as well as a few rubber toys and gags.
This company is great. They are in Canada, the quality is great, they ship fast, and the prices are phenomenal. They only have basic latex, they are no westward bound, but really isn't all latex divine?  (EXCEPT the latex from hustler. DO NOT buy it, it is terrible.  I have no idea what it is but it is the worst latex I have ever bought)

The minute I slipped on My gloves I was hooked. The gloves are really the best, because they are the tightest most full coverage item I have bought so far.  With the lube, you can even see My tattoos through the latex.
My fetish is not all about looks though, and it is very hard to describe.  Being covered in slippery rubber, you are all at once, infinitely touchable and untouchable.  The slide of latex across latex is out of this world.  The way it immediately forms to your body like a sea creature is unlike anything else.
Anyway, learning, and experimenting with latex, I have learned some things I will share here, and I wish someone would have told Me years ago.
  • Latex and pvc are two different things. If you know one, you don't know the other. Don't discount an experience with latex because you have experience with PVC. PVC looks great but that's it.
  • It is good to start with something small... gloves or stockings are much easier to fool with than a catsuit and less sad if they break.  I have broken latex items :(  (Once on stage and thank the goddess that I had chosen to wear a thong that night instead of going commando.)  If I was a man I would get stockings, or maybe underwear with a penis sheath.
  • Go Slow, enjoy yourself. Shaving before would help in My opinion, boys.  
  • Buy quality: yes you are stuck with online sources if you live around here.  twist my rubber arm is the best I've dealt with and I have done the latex store (overpriced items from other suppliers) and skin two (great stuff and prices, but long wait time)
  • Use a lot of lube.  Early on I read to use powder. THAT IS BS. WHO THE FUCK USES POWDER?  I used powder for years like an idiot, not enjoying the latex at all, and having to clean it up all the time.  Now its lube, inside and out.  Feels better, works better, the lube reacts with the latex to make it more stretchy and see through.  I use EROS lube, and it is clearly the best.  However, I have used Wet platinum (black bottle) with almost as good results.  Lube your skin, and the latex, then slide it on!  Then more lube outside! Shiny! slippery! FUN!  (hold on a sec while I order more lube....)  STAY AWAY from regular Wet lube (blue bottle), KY etc.  They get sticky and gross, not fun at all.
  • Devoted crossdressers will have a handle on how to put it on better.  The stretching and pulling it over yourself fitting it to your skin is a lot like what you have to do to get pantyhose to fit correctly. Watch your nails, and get comfortable with stretching it to fit.
Hope this helps. I am now so addicted I am thinking about turning My leather dungeon into a Rubber dungeon, with black rubber flooring, and black and red rubber everywhere...like this one here, at Institut Shaka in Germany.
Here is another rubberist site I enjoy:  Rubber Eva.  Showing what fun can be had with all the latex in the world at your disposal!