Monday, December 13, 2010

Maid Mary Ann

Maid Mary Ann in the dungeon  ladies parlour.
This picture was taken on a lovely day that maid Mary Ann came for a visit to the dungeon.
Doesn't she look nice with all her PVC and her new panties?
Mary Ann is always asked to clean the dungeon a bit when she arrives.  Although I am not a housewife I do have very specific instructions as to how I like everything done. 
On this day Mary Ann brought a new lavender colored vacuum for the dungeon.  I will never touch this vacuum so I have no idea how it works, but it is very pretty and seems to clean quite well.  Mary Ann set it up and cleaned the floors, then neatly arranged all My high heels.  She is still learning to walk herself around with grace in the 5- inch heels I make her wear.  Boots are good for the beginner in heel walking, as they offer more support for the ankle.  Platforms also offer more stability for the pad of the foot... So these are basically Mary Ann's training heels.  When she is doing well on them we will be moving up to platform strappy heels, then to a more severe spike heel.  It is not the pain we worry about but Mary Ann's grace and ability to not fall over on the floor!
Mary Ann cleaning in the hall.

Mary Ann has had extensive training though she is still not that far along... I am still very satisfied.
Here is a list of the skills she now can offer:
  • foot massage service
  • pedicure service
  • housecleaning
  • Sissy Maid service
  • Serving food and beverages
  • Slave positions of service
  • Human footstool service
In all these things she has been taught with the greatest attention to detail and can be of great use to Me and My lady friends.
We are still working on many other skills in which she needs improvement to make her exactly what we want!  she seems very happy with her new place and her newfound abilities to be such a pleasure. 
Doesn't she look so happy?