Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My birthday is Sunday!
If you have a gift for Me but will not be having a session with Me before Sunday, email Me.  Perhaps I will find some time for you to show Me your gratitude THAT I EXIST.  I'm sure everyone agrees that when I was formed on this earth, they broke the mold!  No matter how many fish in the sea, it would be oh so empty without ME!
I am so happy!  Friday evening the Sisters of the Sacred Flesh will be at Vex in Dayton Ohio to hand out our punishments and rewards to all the naughty boys and girls.  A few of the ladies will be performing their xxxmas burlesque numbers as well. Fabulous! 
To those of you who cannot travel, we will be doing our thing in Cincinnati as well, at the dock, on thursday the 23rd.  These two shows will be completely different so don't worry if you want to go to both.  The Dock in Cincinnati is home to the Sisters of the Sacred Flesh, and we are going to give our fans something they won't forget. 
AND OF COURSE last and BEST, our NEW YEARS EVE party will be one for the ages! A no holds barred extravaganza... 3 floors, a fully equipped dungeon complete with an electric suspension hoist, and all the Cincinnati Prestige Players... no rules but safe sane and consensual.  It's called KINK IN THE NEW YEAR.  More info can be found HERE
If you want a public flogging or humiliation from one of the Sisters, be sure to ASK NICELY.