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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Venus In Furs

So many toys, so little time!
Given My general aversion to all things Christmas related, the Venus in Furs party was a very short notice affair.  This didn't seem to hurt our attendance! We had more ladies at this party than ever before.  People have been talking about how much fun they have and begging for the next one.
With such short notice, only one slave was scheduled to serve for the evening and he was put to drink duty as well as some entertainment.  We all brought gifts and played white elephant.  Some of the most sought after gifts of the game were the Twilight spoof porn, and a black rubber dress.  As always we had our champagne and some special cider for the holiday made by Princess Arielle.
This is the fascinating lady who won the rubber dress enjoying herself in the medical room!
After a bit of gift giving and enjoying the service of our slave, the ladies decided as always to explore the toys and tools of the dungeon together.  It was the task of the slave at that time to attend, watch quietly and take photos.  The slave in service for the evening was very good and I was pleased.  The ladies were so pleased he got a little something to take home to remember them by.

Of course I am referring to the little kiss mark he got, not the lady!

Earlier that evening, in the medical room attaching the electro remote control discipline device for fun and games.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A taste of what's to come...

I'm extremely busy with my birthday celebrations and all kinds of other fun things... so if you have had trouble getting in touch with  Me lately, that would be why.  My life is My priority, so you will have to wait!  Or, you can always call and have My secretary connect the dots for you.
Our holiday Venus in Furs party was a fabulous time had by all, and I will be adding more photos and the story of it all soon.
Until then, let's all enjoy this nearly tolerable weather!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mary Ann's Night out with the Girls!

Feeling a littly frumpy due to the holidays and cold weather, the Ladies decided we would entertain ourselves for the evening by dressing up in our favorite fetish attire and hitting the town to corrupt and control, and create chaos.
It was a lovely evening and I don't like to tell all My secrets, but We began the evening by transforming Mary Ann and making her look nice.  We dressed her up as a naughty schoolgirl so she would fit the theme of the evening. The pink Tshirt and heaving bosoms to the right of this photo belong to Mary Ann.  Pretty hair, don't you think?  I had long ago picked out a Tshirt for her that says "spoiled but not rotten"  which suits her to a T. We spoil her a little bit but We definitely get Our entertainment out of it.
Mary Ann served drinks to the ladies at the dungeon in her lovely outfit, she is now so scared of corner time she never gets cheeky.  Very good service!  Corner time is when Mary Ann has to balance a dime between her nose and the wall, and is very shameful to have to happen to a maid at a party.
The last thing We added to Mary Ann's outfit was a remote control device attached to her clit so when We went out We could be very sure she would mind Us and also We could use her for entertainment anytime.
It was very fun all evening to use the little remote, from far away, to remind her of her duties.  Everyone knew she was on a remote for Us which made it even more humiliating and fun.  Sometimes people would come up to talk to her normally and I delighted in playing with My remote, making her conversations very uncomfortable.  It was great fun!
Besides all those fun games, We fitted her with the Ashtray gag when We wished to smoke, which was the most luxurious part of the evening.  Many lovely ladies who were simply smoking outside and being beautiful got the chance to use a human ashtray for the first time.

I wore this gorgeous latex dress from Madame S and taught all kinds of people about their new fetish: Latex WORSHIP!
To wear a Latex dress like this is a lot like walking around naked, which was so much fun!  I felt great and I will probably be finding every excuse I can to wear this dress in the future. I definitely need more transparent and translucent latex!
Needless to say, the Ladies are no longer in any frump and are about to enjoy the HELL out of Our weekend.

And thanks again to D.O, as you can see all the ladies are in love with the dress you gave Me, and DAMN do they look good in it. Princess Arielle looked so breathtaking!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In praise of Boots and Heels!

It is lovely to wear something that can so easily lead to the control and manipulation of a man.
I love every pair of shoes and boots in My collection.
I have recently bought a glass case for the dungeon,  huge shiny black and lit from inside, to keep My very favorite heels from getting dusty in between cleanings from My slaves.
All My most precious gorgeous shoes are lined up in there, from 8 inch high monster heels to vintage DeLiso Debs 3 inch kitten heels.
My boots are so tall they must be hung up. That's how we do it, if any of you were wondering. Little hangers with little clips, the boots hang neatly all together with their pair.
I cannot have a favorite pair of boots or a favorite pair of heels. I have some more comfortable than others. I definitely fall in love with certain pairs when I am wearing them. Look at these handmade leather boots from England, complete with laces all the way up to My thighs, and a sharp pointed steel heel shining right there at the bottom. Wicked!
It is one of My favorite things to go shoe or boot shopping. I will always take a slave so there is someone to carry all the boxes and put them on My feet, and find My size out of all the styles I like.  I wear a size 6 1/2 in most styles, a 7 in the highest (7inch or higher) styles.
How long will you end up staring at the way the light plays on these beauties?
Did you only just realize the power My boots have over you? You read a little then your eyes get drawn right back up there. Something about the perfect shape, the luscious shine of that slick patent leather is making you salivate. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Tied Up Tuesday!

In honor of the lovely vintage style lingerie I have been getting for My birthday-
Back to the basics!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


It's been a lovely week!
I'm very excited about all the gifts I'll be getting for My birthday this year.
The addition of a new handyman to My stable is allowing for a few fun changes to the dungeon.
This is a photo from our first fetish show at the dock!  A lot of people take photos that I never end up seeing... I found these photos today.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Mistress Devlynn being a BIG BAD WOLF.  Little Red Riding Hood, I'm coming for you!

I went this year to the Midwest FurFest in Chicago to learn more about furry fandom and speak on its correlation to the BDSM world. Furries are people into anthropomorphic characters, not necessarily sexually, though luckily sometimes sexually.  Of course My interest in the world of furries was exploring its sexual side as well as the different headspace people can gain access to by creating these "fur-sonas" for themselves.
The people who choose to wear full fur costumes are called "fursuiters" and they really light up a room! Look how many full fursuiters came out to play!

To act like bdsm culture and fursuiting are the same would be an oversimplification. However, I feel the furry fandom is a lot like a new leather culture.  One similarity is that it has mostly been men, and largely gay men, who have been into it for the long haul, and now the straight people and women are figuring out about it.  Also, like bdsm, the trappings and codes of there culture that used to signify an interest now are simply becoming fashionable among young people.  Like bondage bracelets and leather harnesses are being worn by goth kids who have no idea what they are for, the fur tails you may see hanging off the butts of kids at the mall don't necessarily signify they know anything about furries.
Also like the bdsm culture, there is a lot less kinky shit going on than one would hope.  It is mostly people in cute outfits simply feeling a little more free than usual.
I thought this was a cute girl cheerleader. I was wrong. There is buff manly man inside the suit.
Like bdsm culture, they have the best toys there! There was a company called Bad Dragon which sells extremely awesome silicone dildos and pocket pussies which are made to look like the naughty parts of whimsical creatures.  They are really works of art!  I got a couple, including a tentacle to do some old school tentacle rape of My own!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Tied Up Tuesday!

All wrapped up on the fucking bench, hooded, wrapped up in leather, and tied up safe and sound.  
What a lovely place to be!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving thanks for bruised balls!

 Recently I decided to have a session with Mistress Devlynn Desade.  For years I have had fantasies of worshipping a woman's feet, and being beaten and trampled by them.  After weeks of debate, I finally decided to go through with it so I filled out her application and set up a date for our session.
    When I arrived at Her dungeon (which is extremely nice) She greeted me and I sat down with her and we discussed my interests.  At this point I was extremely nervous, excited, and anxious all at the same time. But She is actually really sweet, and made feel comfortable being there.  After talking about my limits and establishing a "safeword" it was time for the fun to begin. 
She made me undress and lie down on the ground and then she put a blindfold on me.  The only downside of this was that I could not see her beautiful face.  She is a very attractive women!!!  After laying there a minute, I recieved a very hard ball kick.  I was kinda caught off guard, I was expecting a light kick first and then working up to harder kicks.  What did i get myself into?  Next she decided she wanted to play a game.  She would sit one of her high heeled shoes on my chest and then trample and hit me all over my body.  The object for me was to balance the shoe and not let it fall.  This game did not go well for me, every time the shoe fell, i would receive kicks.  First it was 3 kicks, and then She raised it to six.  She ended up having to take off Her pantyhose and use them as a gag to muffle my screams. I dont know how many times I was kicked, but it was alot and I was in pain.  I would have never expected Her to be so brutal.  It is kind of like to old saying "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!"  Even though I was in Pain I was turned on the entire time.  
After playing Her little game for a while, She must have been pleased because She started ordering me to lick Her feet.  This was great relief for me, my groin was aching!  Now I was in heaven, licking the soft soles that had just got done stomping on my manhood......(I CENSORED THIS PART. JUST FOR ME. <3 SECRETS.)
........ After that she removes the electrical gizmo and then she removes my blindfold.  I was glad to finally be able to see her again. Did i mention She is beautiful?  
Then She orders me to kneel and kiss Her barefeet.  This is my first time seeing her barefeet because I have had on a blindfold the entire time.  Even though I am a lover of female feet, all ladies do not have pretty feet.  However Her feet are as close to perfect as you can get.  If any guy has a foot fetish I recommend they have a session with Her.  I really wanted to take a picture of them but i forgot to ask Her:(
        Well it was all over, I got dressed and then we sat down to talk again.  I was very satisfied at the end of the day. Our session was even better than i imagined it to be!  Even though one hour of Her time is worth more than two full days of work for me.  She is a wonderful person and she is good at what she does.  She made all of my kinky fantasies a reality.  I was very lucky to be able to spend time with Her and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to seeing Her again in the future and exploring many different aspects of the femdom world.  My next session with probably be with 2 mistresses, I can't wait!!  She did work me over good though, I was left with a swollen testicle, bruised thighs, bruised cock and sore pelvic bone.  I am writing this 1 week after our session and all of my bruises are fading, but I will have memories that will last a lifetime!!  Overall it was a fantastic experience!! 5 STARS- 2 THUMBS UP
-----Mistress Devlynn's punching bag

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Upcoming Events, and Mistress Devlynn's Birthday Bash!

Sisters of the Sacred Flesh will be performing this Friday at Adonis nightclub for the Death of Quorum! To those of you newbies and people who only see Me but don't go to fetish events, this is an open event, bar/club show.
We will however have a playroom setup for those who wish to play, and the wheel of torture as always for the shy ones.  Fetish, casual, or simple black attire is the most appropriate, there is a cover.  Adonis is on Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati.  Feel free to bring your lover or girlfriend and see if you can corrupt her into wanting to play!

Soon I will be posting the details of My fetish birthday bash, which will also be at a club.  YES! My birthday is this month, making Me a Sagittarius.  I really must say I do identify with being half human and half BEAST!  If you wish to spoil Me on My birthday, feel free to come to an event and give Me a gift in person.  I will not be taking any birthday spankings, but I may be handing them out!

My list of preferred gifts:

amazon wishlist
Etsy wishlist
Live Orchids, all varieties.  (My grandmother kept an entire greenhouse full of orchids.)
Red Wines, preferably Apothic Red, Marquis DeSade CotesDuRhone, Pinot Noirs.
Gift Cards or Certificates to Dillard's, DSW, Vollers UK, Lush, or Antique Malls in the Cincinnati area.
See you soon, and don't be shy! I am the nicest meanest person in the world!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Belated Tied up Tuesday!

I like to make My favorite playthings worship My feet and clean My boots while in bondage. 
Questa e la dolce vita!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Foot Pampering Party part 2

The next place we stopped at I had a lot of conversations and the ladies were all in great spirits.  They all expressed to Me that there was a need for slaves to come back with us to our hotel room to entertain us.
I found two young men who seemed to fit the bill, and began to talk and bring up a few ideas of femdom to test the waters.  They of course agreed, like most men, if a woman simply says what she wants from a man he tends to be more than happy to oblige.  I offered them the possibility of an evening of serving the ladies, of course with many rules for their behaviour, and they were extremely excited by the prospect.  (Who wouldn't be?)  Incidently during our short time there, because I am so perceptive, I was also able to matchmake for one of the ladies- I saw a woman looking for the companionship of another woman, and immediately hooked them up! They are still dating, I'm happy about that!
The boys learned a few rules from Me about how to treat the ladies, and were then sitting on the floor of the limo on their way to heaven.  After a few games and few complaints from hotel staff, we all decided to settle in for a nice hot bubble bath with our champagne.  When we were comfortable we allowed the boys to come in and massage our feet while we relaxed.  Look at all the beautiful feet and bubbles!

After all our relaxing and bubbly fun we filtered in and out of the tub for more foot and body massage, all warm from the bath and wrapped up in fluffy towels and bathrobes... some of us wearing less than that just kept popping back in the tub for a warmup.

One of the boys was over excited and seemed to talk to much and be distracting to the ladies, so he was placed in the corner for a timeout.

He was of course very sad to be put in the corner while his buddy, who was more well-behaved, got to take care of all the ladies.  So when he was allowed to come out, he shaped up his act considerably.
In the end, when ladies are pampered and happy it's a lovely time for everyone.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Foot Pampering Party part 1

I attended a super fun party a few weeks ago.  We had an awesome limo and all the ladies were lovely and well-put together.  We drank one of the ladies favorite: pink champagne.  We stopped at many of the bars downtown, and our limo driver was absolutely making our evening perfect.
It seemed many of the ladies wanted to be served by slaves that evening.  I am normally the one who procures and trains slaves for these types of evenings, however, it was a busy weekend and both slaves which  were a certain lady's favorite were out of town.  That was REALLY too bad for them.
I am never one to give up- when a lady wants something She should have it!
So I kept My eye out all evening for a certain type I knew would be easily moldable and trainable for the lady's pleasure.
The first one I saw sitting by himself at a bar.  I knew immediately he would serve any woman and put himself in harm's way to do so. He had also had a little to drink and was very easy to manipulate.
I told him to come over, from across the room.  First tipoff; he quietly and submissively came to sit beside Me  with no question.  Well this almost seemed to be too easy!
I said to him very calmly, "These ladies are in need of a slave for the evening, to do their bidding, whatever they want.  Would you like to be of service to us?"
He smiled and said, "Okay."
I said, "First you will need to learn a few basic rules, one of which is, you will be referring to all these ladies with respect.  Yes, Ma'am is appropriate, or Yes, Mistress."
Now at this point it becomes very clear this is not the first time he has thought about this sort of arrangement as he is looking down and avoiding eye contact with Me, at the same time, he is obviously very happy, as he said, "Yes, Ma'am".
At that point it began to be very fun for Me!

Some ladies wanted a back massage, and one woman wanted a pony ride!
Poor guy, She made him get down on his hands and knees and carry Her around.  That was really the best for Me.
Some ladies eventually got bored with him though, so we left him, and went to another place to find some new toys, which we did, and that will be in part 2 tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's been a very busy week!
I spent last weekend at SugoiCon, which was very interesting.  Before anyone gets any wrong ideas, I am not into anime or gaming or anything really like that. I was attending to host a Fetish meetup with the Reverend Arielle, and to do a panel on basic rope bondage for beginners.  It was very cool to see all the  anime costumes, however.Yes, there are a lot of adult nerds, and a lot of them would like to explore kink!
Our kink panels were really a success, we also had panels on BDSM safety, Flogging, and Violet Wands.  A lot of beginners learned how to tie their lovers up and that makes Me HAPPY!
Sisters of the Sacred Flesh will be performing with FunkerVogt November 25th at the Death of Quorum!!!  Very excited about this show!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tied up Tuesdays


This was a fun night for everyone involved. I started with bondage corset so I would be able to insert or attach certain devices under the ropes and they would be held in place. She was chained up on the hoist which allowed for access to all sides at all times! Hooray! Though no one should get any funny ideas, this was a femdom party and only girls were allowed to play.  
Boys are stuck watching or being tortured!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mean Bitches

Well I have had a lovely weekend of satisfying My sadistic, demanding, bossy self.  I look forward to many more like this.  

A special thank you to a certain person who gifted Me this beautiful Military costume from My Halloween wishlist, and this beautiful and severe cane.  It is like a Singapore Cane!!!  Wow, is it fun to use!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tied up Tuesdays- Warning!!! Penis!!!

Every Tuesday I take the time to show off some of the terrible predicaments you boys get yourselves caught up in.  

This boy was saran wrap encased and he thought his bits were going to get released. How surprised he was when I released them only to make things worse.  
Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

I have been questioned repeatedly about cleanliness and safety.  Perhaps I have not covered this thoroughly enough in My website, however I will do that here.
In My previous full time career I had to deal with blood every day.  I will leave the details at that. I met twice yearly with a health inspector and always got the 100% marks.
How does this impact My dungeon?
I have bloodborne pathogen training. All insertables of any variety in My dungeon are silicone, glass or steel, to allow for complete sterilization.  I have an autoclave, this model, to be specific, for sterilizing steel.  I have several manners of disinfectants I use in the dungeon, Sani-cloth being a favorite, information on that can be found here.  I have been working with disinfectants and infection control for over a decade, and I am well aware of the length of time necessary for what I call "complete kill".
Even though I use these things I additionally use condoms with insertables.  I stock all kinds including flavored for certain reasons... I use nitrile gloves to circumvent any possible latex allergies.
When I choose to explore invasive medical type of play I have received hands on training from professionals on how to do it safely, without damage or infection.  I recently received training from the beautiful and talented Domina Dea, (a proficient and evil domina as well as an EMT), on saline infusion.
Clothing I make slaves wear is washed after every use, of course.

WELL! Now I may have forgotten something, but isn't that thorough!

Perhaps not thorough enough, however, as this week I will definitely be needing someone to clean My boots... but I am sure I can teach you to do that thoroughly and exactly to My specifications....

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rope Class, or Your Life is Boring pt. 2

We usually have craft night every Wednesday but when I came back from Domcon we decided to have Rope Class instead. Lots of learning ensued, and learning can be fun.
In these photos I am wearing the red pvc outfit bought for Me off My wishlist.

Which reminds Me, buy Me a gift off My Halloween wishlist before Halloween!!

Enjoy the photos, we enjoy ourselves.


We tied side by side to teach the basic harness.

The kids are always trying to get at each other.

Once you are immobilized people tend to do whatever they want with you....

This poor subject isn't going anywhere!

Happy Halloween! ENJOY!! I will be posting new pics everyday till Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Halloween! ENJOY!! I will be posting new pics everyday till Halloween!

Hello to everyone,
I hope you are enjoying the constant barrage of Halloween photos.  They will continue all month till Halloween in celebration of My favorite holiday ever. I may even upload two a day.
I spent the beginning of this month at DOMCON Atlanta. This was an amazing vacation for Me filled with learning and great service, not to mention SHOPPING!  I bought an insane amount of new toys for the dungeon, some of which I've already shown.  If you don't follow My twitter, you should look at it from time to time... that's where I add all these pictures of new developments when I'm too busy to blog about them.
I met one of My biggest domme HEROINES in Atlanta, Irene Boss.  She is so lovely in person and so warm and nice like Me.  Apparently she had read My site and thought I was great, so I get to be a Guest of Honor! at next year's DomCon!! How exciting!
The beautiful, kind, creative, cruel, amazingly hardworking, terribly demented, Domina Irene Boss!!
I will post more pics from DomCon, along with More Happy Halloween, tomorrow.