Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

As busy as I am this is My first entry of the New Year. 
This year has been an amazing journey.  I have met many people in the Cincinnati area that people would like to believe don't exist. While I realize open minded kinksters are not the majority in this town, the sheer depth and beauty of the crowd we do have here is staggering. 
New year's Eve party was a real testament to this. If any of you have been thinking about becoming involved with Prestige group, please do.  They are a diverse, beautiful, sexy, friendly crowd.  Their play party was more welcoming and less of a meat market than all the bars and clubs I go to.  Ringing in the New Year with this crowd was a blessing.
The adult babies of the house were amazingly endearing and I am going to have to go back and play mommy sometime.  The master of the house had a medical room that was truly to die for.  Until now I had not met anyone whose electrical toys rivaled My own collection.
This year has seen so many additions to the dungeon I can't list them.  Every month I have added to the dungeon as My budget allowed, and it has added up.  When I saw a client last week who hadn't come to see Me in only 3 months, it was as though a year had past... Where would I begin?
I have developed new fetishes I never foresaw having interest in.  Though latex is so beautiful who knew it could be so much pleasure?  Why don't they tell you electric play is so addictive?  Why doesn't every couple in America own the fukuoku five finger vibrating massage glove!
Happy New Year to all of you, and thank you to all My little playthings!