Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Venus In Furs

Chances are you don't know many people who party like we do!
This is Nikki, a new member of the Sisters of the Sacred  Flesh and member of the Venus in Furs Society.
Those of you who don't find Me particularly flirty or slutty enough may enjoy Nikki a great deal more.  She is the apple of My eye right now.  Many of you worms of men love chasing after the young silly type who isn't yet comfortable with her sexuality... This is not Nikki!
Cute, sweet, cruel, exhibitionist, slutty and wickedly intelligent.  Fluent in 6 languages including German... My personal favorite.
Those slaves and sissies who have done well in their service to Me may make their request for a double session of play time with the two of Us.  Wishes will only be granted based on Nikki's preference... so be sure to apply with reasons We should consider your service. Those with a military domina fetish to the front of the line!