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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have new number, the old one will not be relevant very soon.
My new number is


Isn't it lovely!

Very busy this week with modeling, new pictures will be up soon!
If you have emailed Me and not heard back in a while, I have been super busy and you may hear back soon!




Monday, February 21, 2011

Things I would love to play with!

Those of you sitting around, checking out My blog, looking at My photos, can do something to make Me excited.
I love playing with new toys and can't get enough of them.
You can send Me gift certificates or give Me gifts in person, even at shows.... what a lovely way to introduce yourself.  And every time I use that My new terrible toy, I will think of you.
Can you imagine how wonderful it could be to place a wrapped package in My hands, and feel the flutter of excitement, to share something so special as making a goddess smile?  Chances are, you can't think of all the evil ways I could put these things to use... but I surely can.
Some ideas for those of you hoping to give Me something that will make Me happy... look through and see what sticks in your mind.

electrosex glove                       fucking machine                                   fucking drill                              humiliating hot seat
shock collar                             shoe gag

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Lords of Acid show has sold out and therefore we are moving it to a bigger venue, the 20th Century theatre... NEW VENUE! MORE TICKETS AVAILABLE TO YOU!

Still set for March 15.

Sisters of the Sacred Flesh will be in all new all latex costumes handmade by Me. I do in fact have a not so secret plan to convert as many people as possible to My latex fetish.

Anyone easily shocked or offended should not attend this show.

To friend us on fb or get event tickets or more info, go here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Slave Candelabra

I have always wanted a lovely oversized candelabra. This one is lovely and was very cheap!
I love being able to make something beautiful out of just about anything.

So, I have a new spreader bar that I like very much! I love the world of possibilities in every toy.
I have some devious plans for this one, and this pic is really just the beginning.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank you

Thanks to all My sweet submissives
 for all the Valentine's gifts and well wishes.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Valentine's Gift to you!

Appointments with Mistress Devlynn and Princess Arielle are still available 
Thursday afternoon and early evening.
Those who have previously served MAY CALL to ask for an appointment.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


One of My greatest inspirations, the most gorgeous, most evil, most deliciously cruel, most captivatingly terrible Tura Satana has passed on.  Not just hardcore in Her movies, but also the most hardcore bitch in real life (sound like someone you know?) She became an obsession to so many, when She graced us in Her best appearance as Varla in Faster Pussycat Kill Kill.
Tura was gang raped by five men when she was a girl. This prompted her to learn the martial arts of aikido and karate and, over the next 15 years, she claimed that she had tracked down each rapist and exacted revenge.
   "I made a vow to myself that I would someday, somehow get even with all of them," she said       years later. "They never knew who I was until I told them."
She was sent to reform school as a teenager and became the leader of a gang. In an interview with Psychotronic Video, she said,
 "We had leather motorcycle jackets, jeans and boots and we kicked butt."
Tura dated Elvis Presley, turned down his marriage proposal, but kept the ring.

Those leather gloves. That unwavering stare. She will be missed so much, but I'm so glad we can still watch Her movies forever!
To learn more about Her- click here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Question

Why is it all the fake dominatrices in Cincinnati have so many issues with proper spelling?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long appointments and availability

If you wish to have a long appointment this spring with Me, here are the requirements.  By long appointments, I am meaning anything beyond 3 hours in length, up to a full weekend of slavery, abduction, or service.

Long appointments are only available to submissives who have had at least one appointment with Me.  Of course it is important to establish a sense of chemistry, some guidelines, and comfort level before  a Mistress commits to a long block of time with a submissive.
Long appointments are scheduled in advance, so as to allow for proper planning.
Long appointments can coincide with a trip out of town to allow for complete letting go, and anonymity.
Those who commit to long appointments are obviously in My care the full time.  Limits will be respected as always. Tributes will reflect the increased time but My hourly rate will be considerably reduced.  Any expenses incurred during any trips will be on the submissive.

The possibilities are endless, but some of the things I would very much enjoy with greater amounts of time include:
simple traditional 24/7 slavery, service, and goddess worship.
abduction/kidnapping/ interrogation scenarios, with imprisonment.
24/7 Mommy/daughter roleplay, Mommie Dearest style, complete transformation.
Complete transformation of the slave and subsequent outings as a well trained and ill behaved lascivious female.
24/7 puppy training

Perhaps it is time for some of the submissives to begin scheduling their next "business trip" ?

Friday, February 4, 2011



Showing up to the dungeon in the middle of the day without making an appointment is not appropriate and will not be tolerated.
All of you who have served Me have My phone number!  So why would you  just show up with no notice! I am kind enough to usually see you, with notice!
I realize you have dealt with many wishy washy women in your life.

You cannot manipulate Me.
I do not capitulate.
You will not get a spanking for bad behaviour and this is not endearing.  


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Upon arriving at the Venus in Furs party i was led to the dungeon room and instructed to disrobe.  In lieu of the polo and tan pants that i had donned throughout the day, i was reduced to a rather skimpy under garment that consisted of just enough threading to cover my front while leaving my rear exposed.  To complete my transformation, i was fitted with a dog mask (that covered my mouth/chin/ears and left the remainder of my face exposed) and collar.  Reduced to this humbling attire, i was directed to climb into an oversized bird cage, which would serve to confine me until one of the Ladies in attendance decided otherwise.  Once securely shut in, Mistress Devlynn retreated to the main corridor where more and more guests were steadily arriving.

Left in this state of imprisonment, i have little option but to take in the scenery before me.  Though i have been fortunate enough to have been in the dungeon before, the sheer volume of d/s related toys and devices never fails to astonish me; it is truly a collection unlike any i have ever seen.  There are floggers and paddles neatly arrayed on the wall to my right, while across the way rests a bevy of instruments the likes of which i can only imagine as to the purpose of.  It is awe inspiring and terrifying at once.

While im exercising my visual senses in this way, Mistress Devlynn intermittently enters and exits the room in continued preparation for her guests.  That i'm set aside in a cage at this time yields a surprising benefit as it affords me the chance to take in her beauty.  This is not an opportunity i take for granted, as typically in my interaction with her im far too deferential to her authority than to look at her directly- to do so strikes me as a privilege of which im genuinely unworthy.  In this moment though i seize upon the opportunity to steal some brief glances.  

By the time that the last of the guests have arrived the lighting in the room has been replaced by candles, and the door has closed.  I can hear the sounds of enjoyment being had only a stones throw away, but i must sit idly in the cage as i await whatever fate may be in store for me.  After some time elapses, the room door opens, and in come a number of the Ladies.  There is a good number of them here tonight, and it is hard not to be taken by their collective beauty.  From what i gather from the conversation that is taking place, Mistress Devlynn has prepared some latex outfits- gloves, tops, bottoms- for the women to try on, and they have come to this location to do it.  

Its necessary of course to mention that Mistress Devlynn fulfills the role of hostess as perfectly as one of these Ladie's hands does a latex glove.  Naturally the characteristics that promote one to be a domme (i.e. confidence and willingness to be at the center of attention) serve her well in this regard, but even amongst other dommes she is like a queen bee; completely essential in that everything functions through her.  

And of course, that is not the only manner in which she stands out.  Even amidst this collection of beautiful young dommes, it is hard not to be drawn in by her resplendent appearance.  Her natural beauty is maximally enhanced by her stylish garb, and Her voice is like that of a singer... yet she speaks with a calculated precision that befuddles her age.  In short, she exudes elegance.  

As the Ladies transition out of their existing clothes and into the latex wear, im forced into a bit of an ethical dilemma.  My natural desire to gaze unnecessarily upon some of the women's more exciting body parts aside, i of course realize that to do so of course would be completely inappropriate and a potential violation of trust that.  thus, i dutifully bow my head, only looking up only when the commentary within the room suggests beyond a doubt that its safe to see the finished product of one of the Ladies modeling the latex.  

Just as i begin to feel good about my exercise in self-discipline, i catch an inadvertent glance of the lovely Miss Arielle standing not far from me in only bra/panties.  As the topic of conversation turns to her rather voluptuous ass, my meager attempts not to look are washed away under the somewhat convenient justification that her comfortability with the topic is de facto consent.  

After the latex exhibition has concluded, the room empties as the party carries over into another area, leaving me to sit in solitude and wonder as to whether any direct interaction will come my way.  Sure enough, it indeed did, as not long thereafter two of the Ladies reemerged and proceeded over to my cage....