Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long appointments and availability

If you wish to have a long appointment this spring with Me, here are the requirements.  By long appointments, I am meaning anything beyond 3 hours in length, up to a full weekend of slavery, abduction, or service.

Long appointments are only available to submissives who have had at least one appointment with Me.  Of course it is important to establish a sense of chemistry, some guidelines, and comfort level before  a Mistress commits to a long block of time with a submissive.
Long appointments are scheduled in advance, so as to allow for proper planning.
Long appointments can coincide with a trip out of town to allow for complete letting go, and anonymity.
Those who commit to long appointments are obviously in My care the full time.  Limits will be respected as always. Tributes will reflect the increased time but My hourly rate will be considerably reduced.  Any expenses incurred during any trips will be on the submissive.

The possibilities are endless, but some of the things I would very much enjoy with greater amounts of time include:
simple traditional 24/7 slavery, service, and goddess worship.
abduction/kidnapping/ interrogation scenarios, with imprisonment.
24/7 Mommy/daughter roleplay, Mommie Dearest style, complete transformation.
Complete transformation of the slave and subsequent outings as a well trained and ill behaved lascivious female.
24/7 puppy training

Perhaps it is time for some of the submissives to begin scheduling their next "business trip" ?