Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ask me anything.

If you could become any fictional character, who would you be?

Now this list is terribly long! Basically, all the villainesses.
Today, I am feeling very Cruella Deville.

Ask me anything.

If you could look like anybody, who would it be?

I truly like Myself when I look in the mirror. I would say the most beautiful woman I have been attracted to all My life, whose beauty never fades or fails to amaze Me... Anjelica Huston.

Ask me anything.

How much sleep do you get every night?

Very little. I tend to be kept up with millions of ideas. I keep a journal near My bed and try to write down all the ideas, but they keep coming. I have always wished My brain had an on/off switch. It is always ON. I sometimes drink a glass of red wine before bed or a cup of Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night or Easy Now tea to try and slow down.

Ask me anything.

What was your favorite birthday gift?

My favorite birthday gift was an antique lock given to Me to match My antique cage. A small but thoughtful gift.

Ask me anything.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is becoming more like a girl everyday!
I just bought these new silicone breast implants for transforming and they are awesome!

So sweet! 
They feel real and even have little squeezable nipples!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Leather Room, one year ago.
Over the past year I have accumulated more toys (and more demented ideas and fantasies) than My present dungeon space can hold.
In the interest of continuing My collecting of fun things and fun experiences, (both of which I cherish!) I will soon be moving to a new bigger, better space.
The new dungeon is easily more than 3000 square feet, more soundproof, and will offer many more possibilities for My twisted mind to conjure for the pleasure and torment of My charges.
Though I am sure My submissives and I will miss the old dungeon, and the memories there, they will quickly be won over by the new one and it will carve its way into their fantasies.

Those who visit Me between now and Mid-April will have the last sessions at the old dungeon.

Those of you visiting late April will be seeing My grand new vision.

Those of you who wish for one or the other, may make a specific request.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

To those of you shmucks who missed Lords of Acid...

Here is what you missed! Poor things! If you did not now yet, I build all the costumes and write the shows.
Backstage in the VIP room.
The lovely woman in the foreground is actually our "propmistress" for this show.  Arielle is in the back with a gogo dancer from Hell!
The lovely Profit, helping shine up the ladies as always.  He has now learned all about how to help the ladies get in and out of latex, and get shined up.  What a terrible job!

Latex nurse Nikki in Act 1 busting Ass!
Latex Nurses Nikki and Arielle helping Heidi into a pvc straitjacket to make sure she gets the medicine she needs!

The innocent Sister Kitty Bitter  seduced by a demon.  This dress is also latex, if you can't tell.

 In the second act, after Sister Kitty Bitter was seduced and possessed by the demon, the Latex nuns Nikki and Arielle, with Mother Superior Mistress Devlynn, come to rescue her and purge her of her sins.
the human candelabra, lit by members of the audience

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lovely shoes for lovely feet!

I promised some photos of My new shoes, and here they are.
These are simple school type shoes with a few differences- they make Me almost 6feet tall!
And look at that mean toe!  Not to mention that strong heel... trampling anyone?
These are made by Kenny loves Penny, and I have been wearing them everyday despite the stares I get.

Soft and see through with a low heel, traditional 50s style, luscious soft silk bows, peeptoe.
Love translucent fabric for heels!
These are Nina heels, from New York, very vintage looking.

My second favorite because they show so much skin.
Delicate, with bows and tiny crystal accents, low traditional 50's heel, Love these!  I am going to wear these all summer!
These are also Nina heels from New York, what a great shoe maker!

My absolute favorite today.
See through black lace with huge black lace bows, super tiny with super high heels, traditional beautiful shape, these ones are stunning!  I will not be wearing these out until the ugly rain and snow stops.
These are made by Anne Michelle.
Are you drooling yet!

I hope all My sweet submissives have a lovely weekend and enjoy the weather when it is finally nice.
Thank you to certain slave for a lovely pedicure and these beautiful shoes!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updates, Dungeon additions

I had My slave clean and organize all My latex clothing today, and I am very pleased with My collection.
My wardrobe mostly consists of red translucent, black, dark red, and white pieces. I am not much for pretty pink baby wear (for Me).  Sweetest thank you to the certain charge of Mine who made the latest addition to My rubber collection.
Another slave took Me on the most lovely shoe shopping trip this weekend. My favorite brand of non-fetish (depends on who you are talking to I suppose!) heels is Nina, from New York, very classic.  These heels are so well formed to My foot I can wear a 5 1/2 in some styles!  I will put up pics next week of My new shoes and lovely little feet in all their glory- not until My slave has had time to paint My toenails, however.
NEW SHOES for sissy boys are here as well and I will soon be making a dungeon area where sissies will be able to try on shoes and clothes like in a real store, and a little girls area for My daughters-to-be.  My favorite new sissy shoes are the locking 5inch platform heels, shiny black patent, so Dolly- looking.

Last but not least, though I am sure I have missed something as I am a compulsive fetish shopper and by no means a compulsive blogger, custom made stocks!  To keep all you bastards in line!  HA HA!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bock Fest Parade

If you think you may have spotted Mistress Devlynn DeSade, the Satyr Queen, on the back of a float with the other divine ladies of the Venus in Furs Society, whips-a-swinging, you were not mistaken.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Corsets I am lusting after

I would look so lovely in this black leather plunge
puimond corset.  OBSESSED!

I am also lusting after this leather corset dress.  However, in the photos she is obviously wearing it wrong- who needs a modesty panel?

I love waist reduction, restriction, leather, and things that turn a woman's figure into such a majestic work of art!!

Safewords and their usage

I want to discuss a bit about safewords, as I feel some new submissives don't understand them.
Safe words are used to keep you safe.  They should be used when you need to be let out of bondage because you can't take it. They should be used when there is no way you can take any more of whatever abuse I am piling on you.
Safe words should not be used, in My opinion, to direct the dominant.  If  I am playing with a beginner to bdsm, you may be tied up and very afraid of what is going to happen to you, however I am not an idiot or crazy person.  I am a sadist, top, and caring dominant who is only interested in completely consensual play that is enjoyable for all involved.  In other words, I am not going to hook a beginner up to My electrotorture machinery and dial it all the way up.  I am going to slowly but surely figure out the way your body and mind work, and keep you at your personal edge.  I am aware for different people, beginner or not, that is a different place entirely.
 For some it doesn't even involve pain.  
I would really be an idiot if I just took every person who entered My dungeon and blasted them with pain for no reason.  I am aware that some "dommes" do this, so perhaps some are confused.
And you may watch videos where a man is taken this way... guess what?  That man usually consented to that and the truth he is in that body, in his head, completely in heaven, with all that happening to him that you can't fathom.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Latex sound of music

This is pic taken by a friend of Princess Arielle and Me with a friend at the Dock on Thursday. We had spent all day shooting the most terrible and gorgeous latex photos and Princess Arielle wants to be a latex nun forever!  I however, was in a much more military mood.  We had a lovely evening-surprisingly, though it was terribly bitter and cold, we managed to stay warm.