Sunday, March 20, 2011

To those of you shmucks who missed Lords of Acid...

Here is what you missed! Poor things! If you did not now yet, I build all the costumes and write the shows.
Backstage in the VIP room.
The lovely woman in the foreground is actually our "propmistress" for this show.  Arielle is in the back with a gogo dancer from Hell!
The lovely Profit, helping shine up the ladies as always.  He has now learned all about how to help the ladies get in and out of latex, and get shined up.  What a terrible job!

Latex nurse Nikki in Act 1 busting Ass!
Latex Nurses Nikki and Arielle helping Heidi into a pvc straitjacket to make sure she gets the medicine she needs!

The innocent Sister Kitty Bitter  seduced by a demon.  This dress is also latex, if you can't tell.

 In the second act, after Sister Kitty Bitter was seduced and possessed by the demon, the Latex nuns Nikki and Arielle, with Mother Superior Mistress Devlynn, come to rescue her and purge her of her sins.
the human candelabra, lit by members of the audience