Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updates, Dungeon additions

I had My slave clean and organize all My latex clothing today, and I am very pleased with My collection.
My wardrobe mostly consists of red translucent, black, dark red, and white pieces. I am not much for pretty pink baby wear (for Me).  Sweetest thank you to the certain charge of Mine who made the latest addition to My rubber collection.
Another slave took Me on the most lovely shoe shopping trip this weekend. My favorite brand of non-fetish (depends on who you are talking to I suppose!) heels is Nina, from New York, very classic.  These heels are so well formed to My foot I can wear a 5 1/2 in some styles!  I will put up pics next week of My new shoes and lovely little feet in all their glory- not until My slave has had time to paint My toenails, however.
NEW SHOES for sissy boys are here as well and I will soon be making a dungeon area where sissies will be able to try on shoes and clothes like in a real store, and a little girls area for My daughters-to-be.  My favorite new sissy shoes are the locking 5inch platform heels, shiny black patent, so Dolly- looking.

Last but not least, though I am sure I have missed something as I am a compulsive fetish shopper and by no means a compulsive blogger, custom made stocks!  To keep all you bastards in line!  HA HA!