Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Days at the New Dungeon

I have only allowed a few submissives who have served Me very well to visit up until this point.
maid maryann came to visit and help organize and clean the new little girl's room.  This is a picture of her in the new white boots I just bought! Size 12!
I like these boots so much- they are very girlish.  I am also thinking of changing maryann's hair to dark... I thought she looked good as a blond, but now that she tried on a brunette wig, I changed My mind.
That is the good thing about having dolls to play with... you can make them into whatever you want!
maryann was very impressed with the new dungeon, as everyone else has been.  I finally have a enough space for My imagination to really blossom.
The new dungeon has a bar for maids and butlers to serve drinks from, an entire room just for transformation,  a much larger schoolroom, a stripper pole (for you to learn how to seduce!)  2 hardcore dungeon rooms, and a lot more.  There really is no explaining how spacious it really is, so I will post some pictures soon.