Thursday, April 28, 2011

My new red Stilettos!

Mistress had allowed me to serve Her in Her new, huge, glorious, play space. I was happy to do so. She had me help hang up some of Her many implements of bondage, pain and torture on racks that where installed on the support beams while wearing nothing but panties and strappy high heels. My cock was rock hard pretty much the whole time. Then Mistress Devlynn asked me to perform Her 8 positions and name them. I failed. I had studied them that day but in Mistresses presence my mind went blank. I wrote them over and over on the chalk board in the classroom until i had it right. Then she had me demonstrate them.
   While i was demonstrating the Whipping position,Mistress gave it a whole new meaning. She had shown me some extremely hot new red high heels She had just gotten. I soon found out how She would break them in. I've always known that i'm a sub slut but when Mistress buried her 6" heel in my ass and i loved it i knew i was home. Naturally i had to clean the shoes with my tongue. I will not forget what Mistress has taught me.

Sweet Surrender!