Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The New Dungeon

Putting the finishing touches on the new dungeon.
<--- This is a pic from the old one.
I will not be posting any pics of the new dungeon until it is finished.
I cannot wait to be settled here and ready to have sessions.  If you have slipped through the cracks during this hectic time for Me, feel free to email Me now to schedule time.
The new dungeon is really lovely, and a dream come true. "Housewarming" gifts of torture devices, live plants, antique mall gift certificates would be best right now.  I have decided I no longer like cut flowers and would prefer growing plants, including orchids, to something that will die and need to be trashed.  A growing plant would also allow Me to remember your gift to Me longer than just a week... think of that!
I have a very good memory and do remember My gifts and givers.  For instance, you out there, who gifted Me a tiny flogger/whip with a silver handle, I think of your goals fondly.  Another instance, after I was gifted the most lovely and terribly cruel white lighting whip, I decided to wear My all white leather suit to match!  Also to be reminded  of how cold, cruel and luscious white can be, just as black.  I believe the white lightning might be the meanest whip in My dungeon.  What a beauty!