Monday, April 4, 2011

A lovely Day with My new sleepsack

Your new surprise experience was wonderful. Standing beside you and as you helped guide me into the body case, I forgot what you called it, didn’t want to call it a body bag, was a very pleasant experience in itself. Then, once inside, it was immensely pleasurable as you looped, tugged, pressed my body while tightening the ropes around me until I was completely immobile with the exception of shuffling my feet.   I enjoyed this new venture into extreme defenselessness with you as my guide immensely. There was actually one moment where I almost was overcome with panic though. That was when you lowered the zipper and inserted the inflatable gag. As you were zipping me back up my nose became slightly constricted by the pressure of the cloth and I suddenly was overcome with a feeling that I could not breathe. In my muffled voice I tried to say this, you immediately responded “You can’t breathe?” It’s funny, as soon as I heard your voice and the concern in it I immediately felt ok and relaxed. It was like knowing that you were there and watching out for my safety burst the fear bubble and all of its “air” was let out. I kind of collapsed into my new comfortable, warm cocoon ready for what “tricks” you had in store for me. I soon found out in a very stinging way what you had in mind. You had decided that paddling was out that day, but not caning! And although I was totally encased, I would discover that this barrier was about as protective to my apprehensive and soon to be sore rear end as single ply tissue paper. After you had me immobilized you secured the top portion of the bag to your cross supporting my whole body from its beam. At first I was not in proper position for a good swing so you grabbed me and maneuvered me positioning my butt into an easily accessible target for your instruments of punishment.  I heard you selecting one of your tools. I was getting kind of worried that you might select your horribly painful whip. I closed my eyes and bit down on your new gag. I actually kind of like it. I am able to override some of the sting by biting down hard on it when your stings are becoming overwhelming, a feature which I would soon need to take full advantage of.  Then I heard the first swish “Thwack!” OW! It startled me but it didn’t seem too bad. I thought that this was going to be easy, then I found out that you had just been warming up. I received a blinding jolt, “WHAAP!!!!”, OUCH!!! This STING covered both cheeks right at about the middle and even though the impact was only a period of milliseconds it felt like the whole line was now covered with angry stinging, biting yellow jackets pumping their fiery venom into my flesh. The pain just kept pushing deeper and deeper into the muscle. OHHHH!  I remember it lifted me onto my toes! OWWWWWW!!! What a sting! My mouth immediately started watering, saliva dripping down my chin through my forced open lips. Oh IT Burned!   I bent over some thinking that stretching the skin might help to alleviate some of the sting. Oh, that was a mistake! I think that you took this as a challenge because you then let loose with a barrage that finally over whelmed me. WHAPP! WHAPP! WHAPP! WHAPP! WHAPP! WHAPP! WHAPP! WHAPP! WHAPP! …….…….On and on it seemed to go. I lost count! My mind screamed, “Oh My God!!! Please let it stop!!” I straightened up trying to move out of the way. I was trapped though. I couldn’t maneuver out of the way.  I wanted to grab my cheeks but my hands were secured in arm length leather gauntlets and strapped to my side. I felt the first tears overflowing my eyes. OWWW!! OWWW!! OWWW!! I was now struggling, do I safe word?  Will she even hear it if I do?  I found myself with the choice of safewording or just letting go and crying. So, I just let go and let my mind sink into oblivion of sobbing. What a wonderful release for me. When you make me cry, I am suddenly flooded with a wash of endorphins resulting in an immense sense of well being. I truly love this release. Maybe I am weird but I don’t care anymore. It works for me. Then you took a break and walked away. I heard you leave the room. OOOHHH!!! My cheeks were on fire!! I found that I could swish my bottom around against the material of the casing providing some relief but not quite enough. My right arm was totally unable to touch my rear but I was able to move my left back. AAHHH!! That felt good! I was able to squeeze my left cheek and rub some sting out! Then “GET YOUR HANDS BACK AT YOUR SIDES!” Sorry, you caught me. You came back in and roughly positioned me back, pulling my hips back away from the cross, bending me over and let lose another tear blinding barrage of vicious cane strokes on my already inflamed cheeks! OWWW!!!! OWWWW!!! OWWWW!!!!!  The impacts were knocking me up on my toes! The sting was excruciating! My legs were on the verge of collapsing fortunately being secured to the cross beam helped them with their burden of supporting my body.   Very quickly I was reduced to sobbing again. You overwhelmed me, but you know I loved it. Thank you.