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Monday, May 30, 2011

Why we're laughing at you...

The Cruel truth of it all...

A woman's clitoris has 8000 nerve endings within its tiny little pandora's box of pleasure.
your useless worm only hosts 4000 nerve endings... that is, assuming you are uncircumcised, and didn't have a substantial amount of these nerves removed.

There is no such thing as penis envy...
Why would you want a rifle, when you already have a semi-automatic?

This week, at the grocery store, the bank, your favorite restaurant, look around and realize why all the women are smiling, and you are so sad.

Poor boys, you got the shaft, quite literally, and you didn't even know it!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sisters of the Sacred Flesh

Princess Arielle gets her spanking in front of hundreds of people!  Naughty girls!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stockings and Heels- is there anything more divine?

Very busy this week working on Sisters of the Sacred Flesh first official steampunk show at Molly Malone's in Covington, Ky.  We wrote this show a very long time ago but didn't get to working on props till now.  I have had My warrior woman costume ready and waiting, however.  It is gorgeous and makes Me feel like a total superhero. 

Three people have now talked to Me about the tv show Dexter after seeing My medical room.  I was intrigued and checked it out... LOVE IT!  What new and interesting ways to use saran wrap, as well as other things.  I love playing evil doctor!

what is your best non d/s related talent?

Visual arts and all the forms I let this talent take... creating beauty.

Ask me anything.

Have You ever, or would You like to brand Your initial on one of Your slaves?

I have and I will... but only those who deserve it. Slavery to Me is not a gift the submissive gives Me, but a gift I give the slave, who must earn it.

Ask me anything.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Days filled with fun!

I have had the absolutely most lovely weekend.
I spent a lovely evening torturing a very sweet submissive in My newly outfitted medical room.  He took a leap for Me and allowed himself to be encased to the neck in saran wrap, one of My favorite things. Saran allows for My patient to be completely still while I administer My addictive procedures.  First I teased the poor thing with some of My new electrical toys, and he stretched the saran pretty well with those.  I told him the pain would surely be more enjoyable when he was not encased in protective plastic... so I eventually had to cut him out.  Safety scissors are always on hand but not nearly as fun as sawing out the tender bits slowly with the neurowheel!
For this special medical procedure I had to wear My red transparent latex, not for the patient's sake, but My own pleasure.  Those who love latex know.
I was very happy with My medical room fun and am thinking of making a video of these medical hijinks- perhaps for all you scaredy cats.

Electricity, needles, sounds- OH, MY!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Medical Room Fun!

My medical room is finally finished!
It is gorgeous, bigger than before and stocked up with more terrible and fun things than ever!
The few people who have been able to see the finished product have been amazed and I am so glad to finally realize My vision.
Pictures will be coming soon, but until then you will just have to be satisfied with My sex change fantasy picture.
Turning a man into a rubber doll and training her... Sweet dreams!  I know I am having sweet dreams lately!
I will be using My medical room for the first time today, perhaps I will post My results. I have been excited about this all day!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Last day to vote on My poll------------------------------------------------>

Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Amazing weekend!

Kinko De Mayo in Cleveland was so much fun!  I am a little exhausted but definitely in a good way.
I had the opportunity to learn so much! Some forms of play I had never been interested in before (female sounding) and some forms of play I have always wanted to try (fireplay and cupping!)
So many beautiful people, learned so many things, the play, the toy shopping, AWESOME!

One of the best parts though, took place at the hotel exploring with our new toys!  I got some terrible and wonderful new things I will be surprising My favorite subs with over the next few weeks.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kinko De Mayo preparations!

The Sisters of the Sacred Flesh will be visiting the dock TONIGHT just to say Goodbye! We are heading to Cleveland to spread our gospel there!  We may have a little secret in store for attendees of the darker than vanilla variety.

BE SURE TO ANSWER MY POLL>>>>>  It would make Me smile!

AND, As promised, more party pictures!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bad Girl from the Party gets Mistress Devlynn's Discipline!

Stringing you up

Today I went out with a certain slave who has a great deal of knowledge about hardware.  I purchased a 1 ton chain hoist and a remote control 3 ton electric hoist to string up My playthings and allow Me any fun I want!!
This slave will also be the first to try them out.  I am sure it will enjoy being helplessly bound, listening to the clicking of My heels around it, awaiting whatever torture I plan for it.
I am so excited!!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Hear the part about "We're gonna stay here and drink with you guys..."
That's My place! :)

A New Wish List

A few things I have been lusting after lately... Some would be very fun in sessions, some would make sessions more fun for Me, as well as perhaps trips to the club... or grocery store!  Hooray for little secrets!
If you would like to send a gift directly to Me, email Me for an address.

these are lovely!

A beautiful handmade whip with a terrible sting!

A smaller and still terrible handmade whip!
I love the red and black mix!

I like the silver, I wear a small.

This could be a very interesting piece of jewelry. I like the silver and black.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Night of Debauchery with the Sisters!

After the Sisters of the Sacred Flesh opened for Faderhead, their first date in the U.S., We decided to have a few "select" friends over to the dungeon for an evening of play, music, and fun.
Three DJs arrived, from Cincinnati, Louisville, and Indianapolis and spun their awesome noise, keeping people dancing till 6am.  My 8ft bondage bench was converted to an impromptu DJ booth.  My slave E had helped Me fully stock My bar, a professional bartender said she thought it would be "fun" to bartend My party and was making people amazing drinks. Trays of food had been put together by Me and My slaves... angel food cake, fresh fruit, pitas, hummus, meat trays, veggie trays, an assortment of olives. This spread was completely gone by morning, with over 60 people in attendance.
Because of the invitation only nature of Our shindig, there was nothing but good vibes all night, no fighting whatsoever, and absolutely no smoking in My space. All the band members showed up to party with us and were absolutely amazed.
Walking through a room I heard them saying, "How the hell did Cincinnati get to be the baddest part of our tour?"
A beautiful woman spun around doing acrobatics on a 15 ft pole. All the hula hoopers brought their hoops and beautiful gothic ladies hooped till 6am. One certain band member decided to make use of the medical room.  We found many of the other band members decided the schoolroom was their favorite place.
A certain Lady C (above) seemed to feel the dark dungeon was Her favorite room and she kindly provided pain to many of our guests.  She had a great deal of fun going through My various whips and floggers and seeing what suited Her taste. She seemed to very much like the cross... many silly men tried to restrain themselves to the cross... hilarious.
A certain person found the cage to be their taste and experimented with both My cages.  He spent probably a total of at the very least 3 hours in cages all night, at one point in My bird cage with 3 lovely women jabbing him with sticks.  He was very happy and did not want to be let out.  It seemed strange how much attention he was attracting while in the cages. This is him in the dog cage while people used it as a table.
Some fire spinning friends of Mine did a beautiful show at 4 am, what a gift.
Everyone's favorite toy of the night ( besides the boy in the cage) seemed to be My electric paddle. There was in particular one huge painslut who could not get enough of it and other things.  It seemed to be just the sort of pain to break him down... he also enjoyed My whip, but did not flinch, which I didn't enjoy as much.
Those of you who have felt the sting of My electric paddle know all too well what this boy was going through.
Yes this is how we spend our Saturday nights.  Aren't you jealous!