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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Princess Arielle is a freakin' pervert

For once you boys have a chance to play with yourselves with someone's permission!

Princess Arielle wants tribute photos for this.  This means a picture of you enjoying her photo, face not showing, preferably, and her photo is clearly shown in the picture, above. The rest of the info is below, so get to work to make Her happy! Remember, creativity is rewarded!

Dear Goddess Worshippers,
It's been awhile since I had a new tribute photo to add to my collection so I thought I would make this fun!
GIRLS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO ENTER INTO THE CONTEST! Winner gets posted on my fetlife and a featured spot on my blog!:
you'll have to email your picture directly to me and title the email "TRIBUTE CONTEST":
Contest Ends SUNDAY!
Princess Arielle

Monday, June 27, 2011

We played a game...

After a few drinks, (terribly faux pas in the bdsm world, however, in the world of the young and fabulous, quite apropos)  you would be surprised what a man will do to have a lady's attention.
Everyone was afraid of My wheel of torture to begin with, however it became clear early on that whoever spun the wheel became the focus of all the ladies attention for a short time, which was well worth any torture on the wheel to any man.
One man spun it and it landed on electro torture. He was led to the medical room and all the ladies tried out My various electric devices, which he really enjoyed.  Everyone else had fun watching, and one boy had too much fun watching and decided he wanted all the ladies attention!  He wanted to spin the wheel of torture!
It spun around and was almost ready to stop on few choice activities, but the wheel has a mind of its own.  It spun slowly and treacherously back and forth till it finally landed on....
A certain lady (not Me, in fact, though he did try to blame Me for his predicament, apparently I am the root of all evil) wanted to see the boy outfitted in all My feminisation things.  We started out by telling him he had to take off his clothes.  This was received with a lot of "what?" and "really? seriously?"  He had surely been hoping to get a much nicer sentence than the one We, and a certain special lady, were about to deliver.  Eventually, of course, Lady's Choice is Lady's Choice, and he had to oblige.  
I got him a nice big bra to hold up the silicon implants that would be helping him round out his figure.  A girdle with padding gave him a better butt and hips.  A man at the party said he liked redheads and made the boy wear a curly red wig. How humiliating, can you imagine? 
I thought he should wear the maids outfit, and red heels. His feet were too big for the heels, so he thought he was home free and would not have to wear any.  NOPE! I have just about every size of heel from 6 to 15! So he had to wear the 5 inch dolly platforms from pleaser, they match the maids outfit better anyway.
We tied him up to the hoist and lifted the little bitch in the air so we could beat him like a pinata!!
Everyone had a different whip, cane or a paddle and a lovely time.  
It all happened very quickly and the certain special lady was very pleased. When we had finally let him down she had taken a million pictures.  While he was trying to get out of his heels (some of you know how tricky those tiny buckles can be) she snapped more pictures and said, "Isn't that hot?"  
I am so happy that the DeSade Academy allows for so many ladies to play around in a complete wonderland. Thank you to all the slaves and generous submissives who have added toys to the dungeon, these toys make many ladies happy, not just Me, and the black leather paddle specifically seems to be a certain special lady's favorite.
Doesn't he look terrified? Look closely and you will see the cane in My hand.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Newest Addition to the Dungeon

Thank you slave e. you need to work on your photography skills.
A blurry photograph to be sure but I must show off My favorite new piece of dungeon furniture.
True, at this point, the dungeon is absolutely well stocked but I am a woman passionate about these things.
I have been searching for the perfect kneeler for awhile, preferring an antique over a new and boring SM oriented version.

What you are looking at, if you can manage to look under Me, is My favorite thing in the dungeon right now.
This is a beautiful antique prayer chair (kneeler, to be crass) from France.
It is from the 1880's and was called a prie dieu, French for "pray to god", very apt for its previous use and its current one. The wood is stained dark black and the upholstery, still intact and in working order, is red velvet -was this chair meant for Me?  The velvet is terrible worn in certain places, specifically the places it should be worn- this chair is over a hundred years old and was truly a place of devotion for whomever it was that used it for prayer.  I love so much antiques with character and a real story, especially those which can be used for training and torture.
I am ecstatic about this chair, how apt!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The young male submissive

If you have ever wondered why so many ladies prefer to not fool with the young ones, here is a clue from a recent application:

If you classify yourself as having a submissive, masochistic, slave, bottom mentality,
how long have you felt this way?  unsure

Do you know when your feelings originated?  i am not sure

What is your philosophy or opinion about BDSM?  do not have one.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Your Life is Boring.

Respectfully was your mother or any other member of your family a dominatrix

Of course we all have roots. My mother was something like a dominatrix though of course there was no talk of this lifestyle. When My mother got home every day I would immediately go to fix Her a specific drink she liked (Dr. Pepper on ice with a wedge of lime) and bring it to Her. I made meals for Her every day but Friday since age 5. I always took the greatest care with the details of service; garnishes, napkins, etc.
Every night I also spent a long time massaging Her feet with lotion, sometimes over an hour. Because of this and My absolute knowledge of Her feet I know the callouses on My feet now are exactly the same Hers were back then. It is neat to know this.
She also was very female supremacist, (or perhaps just completely self centered) every man in Her life knew he was there by Her choice. I also got paddled, like so many children, with a wooden spoon when I got in trouble. She was unbelievably intimidating, to be sure, and could stop you ice cold with just a look... I am sure She is where I got this trait of mine.
So I know all about doing things because they make HER happy, getting joy and peacefulness from massaging the feet of an amazingly beautiful woman, taking care with fine details of service, the fear and other feelings of corporal punishment, etc. This is also why I have very little sympathy for ineptness in a slave... I was conquering these simple tasks as a little child, so what is the excuse for an adult?

Ask me anything.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Prisoner K

Today's objective's for Slave/Prisoner K - brainwashing, reprogramming.  This was accomplished through severe long term bondage, cage time, stuffing, sight restrictions, along with a host of other restrictions, and other punishments.
Issues with service-  running off at the mouth (chatty kathy syndrome), bad posture, slow learner, chubby.

My Emma Frost Costume!

Made Entirely from sumptuous white leather!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First time attending a fetish event?

I received this question from a very good submissive and decided to answer it publicly, to the best of My ability.
Arrive in normal, casual attire (or evening gowns, just make sure you are not drawing attention to yourself... many events are very secretive for all those involved safety and discretion.) Of course you should dress to impress!
However you would be surprised how little interest a dominant woman has in your butt or penis.  You may wish to dress as a lady, or take more clothing off, or wear a costume or wear fetish gear. Most parties provide a place to change into this stuff.

Most parties you must preregister, once again for safety and legal reasons (i.e. no one underage allowed.)
Do not drink or get fucked up.  Most BDSMers have a strict policy against imbibing. This should be self explanatory.  Obviously top and bottom should be aware.
Be respectful.  I would assume this goes without saying.  Many parties allow for the wearing of bracelets that say you are a top or bottom or switch ready to play.  Others you can always ask, respectfully.
The truth is these parties are rarely like the movie Eyes Wide Shut or your fantasies. (However they may become your fantasies.)  This is real life.  These are normal people with jobs and kids and lives and reasons for safety and discretion.  We all want to have fun.  The feel of these parties is usually less meat market oriented than a club or bar. SUPER FRIENDLY and a really warm atmosphere.  At the same time you will probably see some things that will blow your mind, things I like to not discuss directly on My blog, of course in the interest of discretion.

The best way to approach Me in any venue is to offer Me something... "May I..." This is not necessarily the case for all dominant women.  DON'T take up more of My time than you absolutely have to... good things to offer: gifts you have gotten Me, a drink, coffee, a simple glass of water, help with something I am carrying, etc.  If you think your chances are good, ask to give Me a foot massage.  Think of what you are doing more as a way to make My life easier than a way to get into My time... this will lead to Me thinking fondly of you.

Beyond The Edge

I will be spending this weekend learning and exploring at Beyond the Edge in Dayton Ohio.  I will be attending with My personal slave E and the lovely Arielle.  I am ecstatic to learn more about shibari and hojojutsu from Douglas Kent, the author of Land and Sky.
Anyone is welcome to attend and learn, though preregistration is required.  There is playtime in the evenings.
I am very excited about all the things to learn,  and stapleguns are about to get sexy!


More of the beautiful work of Douglas Kent:

More at his site,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The dungeon gets better and better...

Chain hoist installed today, along with the 8-foot cage.
Guess what this means?
ALL you sniveling little bitches are COMPLETELY FUCKED!
You think I was scary before... let's see how you feel when you hear that chain travelling up with you in it!  click-click-click-click-click!!!! I am in love with this thing!
**Thank you to My very special slave jim.  I am more pleased today than I have been in a long time.  I know you noticed.

On a side note, if you had wanted to give Me a gift but some worshipper of Me beat you to the punch, I am putting up My etsy gift list for all you second placers.

Cage Time!

My 8 foot cage is being installed today.  It is simply a dream come true and I am so excited I am doing something I don't normally do... putting up pictures of the not yet finished product.  
It will be painted black, and the bars will be left steel.  Two locks on the only door that opens, both have keyed entry.  More photos soon will be added... for now... 

Friday, June 10, 2011


I have had a lovely afternoon. As I consider Myself very predisposed to being sadistic, it has been a little while since I had submissive humiliate himself for me.
There is something gorgeous, rottenly sexy, and divine, about complete and utter degradation.
I think fondly of the first boy who I told to clean My boots.  I was in high school; he was a self professed homosexual, but that did not stop him from thoroughly enjoying himself. His boyfriend didn't seem to understand his proclivities but was open-minded enough to watch.
Some things just come so naturally.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gift for a goddess!

I want this gorgeous nude PVC corset!
They finally made PVC in My absolute favorite color to wear, and whomever ends up buying this for Me obviously knows how amazing I will look in this.  This is a limited item, only one made like this, (in this spectacular color- and it just HAPPENS TO BE MY SIZE!) so if no slave decides they are worth seeing Me in this... I might have to buy it Myself, and keep it hidden from the unworthy ones,  just to be spiteful.   All of you already have enough pretty pictures of Me to look at!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Emma Frost my favorite mutant!

I went to see the new X-men last night with My personal slave.
he said, "I'm sitting right next to Emma Frost, snow white, beautiful, and mean."
I am not a huge nerd but I have always loved the X-men saga since watching the cartoons as a kid. I will now be getting to work on My own personal Emma Frost costume, just for fun!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Magic of Everyday Chores with Mistress Devlynn

Thank you again for the time you spent with me. It was a very wonderful, spell binding experience. It never occurred to me how enchanting an experience sweeping a floor for you would turn out to be. As usual I was pretty nervous when I first arrived. You helped again by sitting and talking with me for awhile discussing things we had done and what we would do that day. Then we both went into your schoolroom where you left me with instructions to completely strip, put on some knee pads then kneel and wait for you to return. After preparing myself I was starting to get nervous again as I kneeled anticipating what you had in store. Then you entered. Your entire character had changed. You absolutely exuded power and dominance. This persona of yours is so overpowering to me. As I met your eyes I became hypnotized. I was overcome with a feeling of vulnerability and smallness. How beautiful and commanding you were. I just wanted to please you at that point. 

Your orders were simple. First you had me stand at attention then you handed me an ordinary broom and dust pan and commanded me to follow you into the next room. As I entered behind you it suddenly became apparent how daunting a task this would be. This was a huge area for a small kitchen broom, which is what I had been given. But I knew that I had better not complain.  You told me the area of the room I was to sweep first. It was about one third of the floor space. You then told me that I had three minutes to complete this portion being sure to sweep the area clear of all dirt and debris, scoop it into the dust pan and deposit it in a garbage can in the far corner of the room. You got out a clock to time me and then told me to begin. I started from a corner moving in a semi circular pattern toward the middle of the designated area trying to pick up everything along the way. I soon found out that I was missing a lot! You kept pointing out things that I had overlooked while at the same time verbally prodding me to hurry as my time was running out.  You were starting to get agitated with me as you counted down my final seconds. Then the inspection! I was so under your spell. I really felt kind of sad that I did not get it done to your satisfaction and truly felt of scared of the repercussions of my failure. This session was great! I loved this feeling. You looked around my designated area with an expression of disgust. You found several small piles of dirt I had missed and angrily pointed them out.  You questioned me, “Didn’t you see this pile over here?!!” What’s the matter with you, how come you couldn’t finish this simple task?!” 

OH, I could feel my heart pounding! I knew that I was in trouble! You looked at me. I was frozen! I was truly too scared to speak. You then said, “I will just have to see if I can motivate you to do better next time. Stand at attention!” You walked over to me holding a very long whippy cane. OHH, I felt myself shrinking in your presence. I knew this was going to hurt! I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. Then came first, WHAPPP!!! YEOWCH!!! I swayed forward and back on my feet. What an IMPACT!!! Then you let loose several absolutely breath taking strokes! OHHHHH!!! Did they hurt! I was very quickly crying from the pain. It was either that or “safewording” and I was loving the scene too much to risk breaking the spell. I recall that these blistering strokes seemed to burn more than usual too. I wonder if it was because my cheeks had become wet with sweat making the skin more pliable. What ever the reason I really wanted to do a good job the next time. But, alas, I am just too slow! The next timed period started and once again in no time you were telling me how much I had to do with so little time remaining. Oh, I so wanted to make you happy. But, once again I failed you. You had me stand at attention for my punishment. OUCHHH!!! That long thin cane is so terrible! I remember you had me crying several times that day. Thank you. That is wonderfully therapeutic to me. I really need this. 

Finally after several excruciating canings and strappings with that delightfully hot leather paddle you had another chore for me. I was to polish your bar stools. That was what the kneepads were for, but it would not be that easy. You sat on a chair and commanded me to come to you and get on my hands and knees beside you. I remember feeling wonderfully exposed and open and vulnerable to your gaze as I waited for what was to come....


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Super fun party people

After Sisters of the Sacred Flesh fabulous show we had a small get-together at the old dungeon.
Of course I had to get comfortable... here is a pic of Me whipping ass in a housedress and fuzzy hello kitty slippers.  So please never again ask AM I REAL?  Hilarious.

After wearing 6inch high heel boots for the entire day I had to pamper My little peds!

AND of course as usual they cannot stay out My cage!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How many slaves do you have and whats the difference between a slave and a submissive ?

I consider there to be several layers to this question, and My concept of a slave vs. a submissive, vs. a bottom. This is personal to Me so it may not apply to any other domina.
I consider a slave to be someone who comes to Me free of any will besides to please Me with their service. Simply being with Me on any level, or doing tasks for Me, serving Me in any way is what they are looking to experience. Some have certain gifts or skills in certain areas, sure, but a masochistic slave will not need to be in pain to be happy in service to Me, they may be very happy giving a foot massage, or cleaning up messes, even going out for coffee...etc. They may also, because I am very kind, get the pain or play they most enjoy as a gift from Me, usually because I am pleased, of course many times "masochists" make Me pleased just by being themselves. Masochist is a loose term here- I also mean the sensation slut.

Some of these slaves want to serve fully 24/7, of course a 24/7 slave who is serving Me always is a different category. As with anything in life the pains and the rewards of such an arrangement can be brilliant and should not be taken lightly.

Submissives would like to submit to what I like, but they may have very many limits, and specific requests. This is a lot looser and more about play than service, though it can include service. They also can serve in the long term. I would say though it seems very confusing I feel the mentality of slave vs. a submissive is very different. A submissive can perhaps stop thinking about Me after a few weeks. LOL.

ANYWAY! I may write more on this later, but this is what I have for now.
I also consider My personal life, (which this delves into) to be personal, so the second half of this question will not be answered. Let it be simply put: I am not lonely.

Ask me anything.

whats your favorite punishment

This is like asking an alcoholic what they like to drink. Where to begin?
Let's just try this week... that should narrow it down. My most pleasurable punishments this week were two:
1. Placing a lucky slave in My humbler for taking too long to clean the floor, then continuously administering torture to his most tender parts, pulling on the humbler while he tried to scrub My barstools.
2. Just one stinging crack from My new singletail whip to the rear of a testy slave who didn't do a shopping task correctly.

Ask me anything.

Sisters of the Sacred Flesh at the Great Steampunk Showdown!

Our Tribe's huntress finds her prey, the unlucky time-traveler.

The Goddess leads her quarry to his doom!

The Priestess of the Goddess weaves her spells