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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Newest Addition to the Dungeon

Thank you slave e. you need to work on your photography skills.
A blurry photograph to be sure but I must show off My favorite new piece of dungeon furniture.
True, at this point, the dungeon is absolutely well stocked but I am a woman passionate about these things.
I have been searching for the perfect kneeler for awhile, preferring an antique over a new and boring SM oriented version.

What you are looking at, if you can manage to look under Me, is My favorite thing in the dungeon right now.
This is a beautiful antique prayer chair (kneeler, to be crass) from France.
It is from the 1880's and was called a prie dieu, French for "pray to god", very apt for its previous use and its current one. The wood is stained dark black and the upholstery, still intact and in working order, is red velvet -was this chair meant for Me?  The velvet is terrible worn in certain places, specifically the places it should be worn- this chair is over a hundred years old and was truly a place of devotion for whomever it was that used it for prayer.  I love so much antiques with character and a real story, especially those which can be used for training and torture.
I am ecstatic about this chair, how apt!