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Monday, June 27, 2011

We played a game...

After a few drinks, (terribly faux pas in the bdsm world, however, in the world of the young and fabulous, quite apropos)  you would be surprised what a man will do to have a lady's attention.
Everyone was afraid of My wheel of torture to begin with, however it became clear early on that whoever spun the wheel became the focus of all the ladies attention for a short time, which was well worth any torture on the wheel to any man.
One man spun it and it landed on electro torture. He was led to the medical room and all the ladies tried out My various electric devices, which he really enjoyed.  Everyone else had fun watching, and one boy had too much fun watching and decided he wanted all the ladies attention!  He wanted to spin the wheel of torture!
It spun around and was almost ready to stop on few choice activities, but the wheel has a mind of its own.  It spun slowly and treacherously back and forth till it finally landed on....
A certain lady (not Me, in fact, though he did try to blame Me for his predicament, apparently I am the root of all evil) wanted to see the boy outfitted in all My feminisation things.  We started out by telling him he had to take off his clothes.  This was received with a lot of "what?" and "really? seriously?"  He had surely been hoping to get a much nicer sentence than the one We, and a certain special lady, were about to deliver.  Eventually, of course, Lady's Choice is Lady's Choice, and he had to oblige.  
I got him a nice big bra to hold up the silicon implants that would be helping him round out his figure.  A girdle with padding gave him a better butt and hips.  A man at the party said he liked redheads and made the boy wear a curly red wig. How humiliating, can you imagine? 
I thought he should wear the maids outfit, and red heels. His feet were too big for the heels, so he thought he was home free and would not have to wear any.  NOPE! I have just about every size of heel from 6 to 15! So he had to wear the 5 inch dolly platforms from pleaser, they match the maids outfit better anyway.
We tied him up to the hoist and lifted the little bitch in the air so we could beat him like a pinata!!
Everyone had a different whip, cane or a paddle and a lovely time.  
It all happened very quickly and the certain special lady was very pleased. When we had finally let him down she had taken a million pictures.  While he was trying to get out of his heels (some of you know how tricky those tiny buckles can be) she snapped more pictures and said, "Isn't that hot?"  
I am so happy that the DeSade Academy allows for so many ladies to play around in a complete wonderland. Thank you to all the slaves and generous submissives who have added toys to the dungeon, these toys make many ladies happy, not just Me, and the black leather paddle specifically seems to be a certain special lady's favorite.
Doesn't he look terrified? Look closely and you will see the cane in My hand.