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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Abduction days

Long ago, before I had the first dungeon, before I had the new super luxurious dungeon, I had an assortment of bdsm furniture in My basement.

*My first piece was a spanking/ fucking bench built by a very fun submissive from Lexington.  I had a very enjoyable afternoon instructing him.

*The first gag I owned was a red nylabone gag, very cute, made out of a dogbone chew toy, would like to find this gag again.

* One of My very first professional sessions was an abduction/ kidnapping.  I met a very nice cornfed farmer boy from middle of nowhere ohio and took him into My basement for four hours of delicious torture with various times of abandonment.  I have many pictures to remember this time by but this was always My favorite.  It makes Me think of the complete and utter dark hole, the completely helpless place he was in.  He was blindfolded almost the entire time. He also remained very excited the whole time, a testament to his youth. What was he, 24?