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Monday, July 4, 2011


 But, now I was with you. Today we explored two new things and some very “nice” new toys. You first had me strip completely and kneel before your suspension pulley system and wait for you to return from another room. When you arrived you first blindfolded me. Then you placed a steel bar across the back of my shoulders, had me lay my hands over the tops and then you secured my arms in this extended t shape straight out to the sides and parallel to the ground. You then hooked up the chain to some points on the bar and proceeded to ratchet me up into a standing position. I remember a very real feeling of slight panic start to come over me as I realized I was definitely under your complete control now. It was kind of like being on your cross, only better because you had complete and unobstructed access to any area of my now totally exposed and vulnerable body.  Once you had me secured in place you told me that I could no longer speak with the only exception being the use of a safeword.  I, as usual, due to all of the built up nervous energy was just a little too enthusiastic in my acknowledgment of the rules earning a deserved verbal reprimand to “be quiet”. I had already violated my rules. Sorry! Oh well, I knew that you would “teach” me a lesson for my transgression so I did not feel too guilty.

Then came what turned out to be one of the most pleasurable “punishments” I have ever received.  To start I remember hearing you dragging what sounded like some sort of table over behind me, at least that is what it sounded like to me. Then it seemed that you paused and stood for a moment, possibly admiring your handy work. I was suddenly nearly overwhelmed by a strong feeling of anxiety, I could feel my pulse quicken and my breathing becoming shallower.  My mind started flashing through the possibilities of what was about to happen. OHHHH!!! What beautiful and Scary anticipation! I pulled down slightly on the chains. I was stuck, whatever was about to happen was totally beyond my ability to stop it. OHHH! I LOVED it!  I had heard you picking up some of the new toys a few minutes before and I knew that one of them was a very stiff little glass cane. I bit down on my lip fearfully anticipating that I was about to hear a brief VWHHOOOP!!! followed by that strange momentary lack of pain as my mind first just registers a kind of quick thump. Which is immediately replaced by a searing lightning bolt of fire shooting straight up from my butt cheeks causing my diaphragm to reflexively contract, forcing my lungs to expel an involuntary gasp before finally flashing out my eye balls forcing them to immediately pool with tears. But this did not happen, NOT YET! That would come later.  My first realization that something new was about to happen came in the form of a blast of very warm air caressing my back. Having just witnessed some fire play the night before I immediately concluded that I was about to receive some of this treatment. I felt a soft cool and slippery stroke up my back and then there was a quick acceleration of heat where you had just rubbed immediately followed by you smothering the heat with your hand. The flame was a little disconcerting at first so I leaned my head down some just to avoid catching my hair on fire. But after the initial scare I realized that I actually liked this warm heat rush.  Then you moved down some. You smoothed some of the fluid down in a strip on my left butt cheek. I felt a rush of super heated air, I think you were blowing the flame from one of the fire wands. Then OH! Now I could actually feel flame lapping at my flesh almost like very wispy little hot, ticklish tongues, at first it was mildly warm then it started getting warmer and WARMER and WARMER!   “OUCH” I hoped a little trying to pull my cheeks away, but the flame was actually on me now. OUCH!!  Just as it seemed I would blister you slapped across my cheek with a cool damp cloth, maybe an oven mitt, I did not see it. AHHHH!! This was NICE! I was starting to enjoy this new odd sensation. There was a blast of heat on my inner thighs; I spread my legs a little wider providing you easier access to my most sensitive areas. Wow, I was really enjoying this. I felt a cool slick brushing on my right cheek.  Then I felt the “woosh”. The temperature climbed and climbed until Finally forcing an “ouch” from me. You quickly snuffed out the flame. You applied the wand to the little crease where my cheek meets my thigh, then, OHHH!! Again that little hot tongue like caress!  You let it burn just a little longer prompting a reflexive hop and a small YOWCH!. You quickly slapped it out. Thank you! But I still wanted more of this new, wonderful, “torture”.   I was practically in a continuous semi orgasm now. This was Wonderful!! I continued to keep myself as open to you as possible; you blew the fire between my cheeks, YOW! It was hot but OH, So, nice. That combination of “sting” and dripping arousal was absolutely sensational in a very literal way! Thank you so much. Then, I guess you noticed that I was having a little too much fun, you took a break, to BREAK me. You set down your fire wand walked across the room and picked up the little pink fiberglass wand. I knew because I recognized the sound of it gently clattering as you grasped it.  I heard your footsteps as you approached. Upon reaching me you stood for a moment beside me. Then, “Stand Up Straight!“ I had kind of collapsed in ecstasy against my chain support. I immediately obeyed!  Oh gosh! I knew that I was about to make a payment for my pleasure! My eyes were blindfolded but I still squinted them tightly shut, gritted my teeth and took in a little breath………. WHAAP!!!!” OWWW! “WHAAP!!!!” Oh God!!! I now had two cane cuts in my seared cheeks! OUCH!! This really really STUNG!!! I wonder if it was due to possibly the outer layer of dead skin cells having scorched off of my cheeks? Whatever the reason it did not matter. All that mattered was that these strokes were absolutely EXCRUCIATING! Then you gave me some rapid fire strokes, WHAAP!!! WHAAP!!!, WHAAP!!!, WHAAP!!!, WHAAP!!!. I was dancing forward now, OHHHHH!!! This burned!!!! I wanted to jump away but I was suspended and could barely move forward. I was trapped. I could do nothing to protect my now thoroughly abused bottom. Then you paused. OHH!! I was panting! I tried to compose myself. Then “SMACK!” OUUUUCHHHH!!!!! You tried out your new paddle. I tried to get my breath back that had just been knocked out by my convulsing diaphragm, “CRACK!!!!” AGAIN! AAAHHHH!!! This paddle is terrible!! The angular velocity you reach due to its additional length causes a tremendous impact. My first sobs were coming out now. I had no choice either “quit” by safe wording or let myself cry. You took another break. I let my legs collapse allowing my entire body to be supported by my chain harness.  I was becoming exhausted.  Then, “SLAAP”, “YEOOOWWCH!!!” It was kind of a thump but the initial impact quickly was replaced by a curved line of fire that’s heat just kept going up and up!! OUCH!!!! I wanted to leap out of your way, but I was absolutely immobilized. Ouch how this “HURT!!” I was now crying pretty well. You gave my butt another, “SLAAP!!!” I jumped up on my toes, OUCH!!!!. Then you stopped this and walked away. I tried to recompose myself once again. I just kept telling myself “breath. It’s ok". I actually was loving it though. Remember I am, apparently, a masochist....