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Monday, July 25, 2011


I do a lot of shows, public play, evenings of teaching, and even allow a few people  to use My dungeon space for their own play.  The purpose of all these ventures is not monetary gain but to give back to the community, create art, and create a space for women to be dominant and men to revel in it.
It was at one of My shows that My favorite flogger was stolen from Me.  I don't enjoy feeling the pain that still sits with Me from this person's selfish actions.  All of the bdsm tools I own, and were either gifted to Me by submissives or bought by Me, I allow other people to use, and in fact teach people to use correctly.
A lot of people were taught how to flog their lover or were whipped for the first time with this flogger.  It was a gift from My gay Dom mentor who taught Me about Leather, and he owns the matching black flogger.  He was gifted both floggers for participating in an International LeatherSIR contest.  In a sense the history of this flogger, and the weight it carried when it was gifted to Me was, to Me, more important than the object itself.
So well, I am very sensitive perhaps.  Many of My submissives have not been flogged by Me in a while because going to My flogger collection only reminds Me of what is missing. At parties I allow others to enjoy My collection (no one bad person has the power to make Me less generous) and I stick to electric play, or singletail whips, or paddles. I have had the opportunity of course to buy new floggers, but how could buying something, no matter what the cost, replace what was given to Me by My mentor?
I am now ready to get over this. I am assembling a new collection of floggers to suit My taste.
Many of My treasured submissives bring Me gifts regularly because they treasure Me. To you, I ask you look around and buy Me ONE flogger, (or a matching set of floggers) so that flogger can be very special to Me.  I would like to have a collection of memories.  I may put little charms with the initials of the one who gifted it on them, or burn their initials into them if they are wood.  I will hang them on their own rack in the red room of the dungeon near the cross to give them the honor they deserve. And these floggers will never leave the dungeon.
I have made a list of floggers I like on etsy:
I also like the floggers from

I would also like you to look around and choose something that speaks to you and is special.  All kinds of floggers are great including fur, chain, horsehair.  (If you buy a chain flogger make sure it is short so I don't have to worry too much about wrapping. )  If you haven't had the opportunity to see Me in a while but would like to send Me your flogger simply email for the mailing address.