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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Lingerie Obsession

I am obsessed with all things feminine, all the trappings of classic femininity.
The truth is, though only some women and crossdressers may know, these wonderful tiny things are pleasurable to wear.  I don't wear them for anyone's benefit but My own.  If you see Me out at a club on any given night of the week, or even at the grocery store, chances are I will be wearing many of My favorite things.
I remember being made to wear My first girdle and control top pantyhose.  It wasn't a good experience... these things were bought to wear to church.  What a terrible experience all us southern girls had being trussed up in so many layers, and greasy makeup, and unflattering dresses, to sweat buckets on church pew every Sunday.
Now of course things have changed.  I love the layers of undergarments, the more the better.  My personal lingerie collection includes 6 boxes of well organized pantyhose, piles of garter belts, pretty girdles, corsets, cinchers, silk robes, peignors, silk and lace bloomers, tap pant panties, bullet bras, bustiers, silk, nylons, lace, a fabulous array of feminine grandeur and frivolity. 
I have something of a pantyhose fetish.  In fact I only shave My legs to accommodate My pantyhose fetish. Having My personal slave roll down My pantyhose slowly every evening is one of My greatest pleasures.  Having My stockings worshipped properly is heaven.
I think every sissy/ tgirl should own as much pantyhose as possible. Garters, full hose, and perhaps a full pantyhose bodysuit.  They should even try wearing one pair of pantyhose over another for added thrill. (I have worn as many as 4 pairs of pantyhose at one time.)The shading of your figure, the tight shaping of your curves is to die for.
Running your hands along a silky stockinged leg is one of the best drugs in the world!

If you want to support My lingerie habit, buy Me an online gift certificate to one of these sites:
Fredericks of Hollywood, Secrets in Lace, BabyGirl Boutique, Agent Provocateur.
I may even post photos of Me enjoying My addiction!