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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tough Lessons part 2

.... I did receive what I felt like was very real punishment for my socially irresponsible behavior. Thank you. I disserved it for letting you down. That little radio controlled electrical attachment is BAD! I was for some reason terrified of it. But I did absolutely love it as you made me drop my pants and present myself for you to attach it. Maybe the fact that I was so sad for not being able to take you out contributed to my being so susceptible to your wonderful fantasy school room scene? Oh,  but it was so amazingly real. I so much fell into the trance of my new reality. You are so wonderful at setting the tone and hypnotizing me until I am totally “there”. I actually was about to cry just out of pure frustration for not being able to recall some of the eleven parts of the heart as much as for the anticipated jolt. And that was something else!  The sensation instantly went from just a slight awareness of something gently wrapping the circumference of my penis to a feeling of hundreds of needle nose pliers, pinching, tugging, twisting and tearing violently around the circumference. It was almost like some demonic entity had grabbed it and was attempting shake and rip it off in a mouth filled with needle sharp recurved teeth. OHHHH!!! It instantly made my legs collapse from the pain. I was powerless to its force. I remember as we neared the end having failed to recall the two last parts of the eleven being near to collapsing and crying on the floor I was so I was so terrified of the anticipated jolt. I remember begging you to please just spank me. I did not care how many licks even if you left me black and blue. And your spanking did leave me blue and red on both cheeks. Thank You! I loved that part. And during the middle portion after my first failure, recalling only nine of the eleven, your over the knee spanking was spectacular. I so much “love” that little red paddle. OHHHH!! It’s biting “STING” is so incredible even through underwear it burns like scorching steel! I have no idea how many licks you gave me with it. I just know that I was lost in the blissful White hot Smacks! I think I grabbed on to your leg at least once in order to help quell the urge to reach back and block your swats. But the absolute best was the end. After having failed once again to memorize completely all eleven parts, I did get nine right again. But that was not good enough of course. You chastised me for having spent sixty minutes of time and still had not memorized all eleven parts. Oh, how hard a task that had become though. I was so confused and scared during the “ordeal”. But of course you would offer no sympathy. My sentence was one lick for every minute. Oh my GOD, that sent a chill through my stomach and into my knees. But I was still happy that you were not going to zap me with the electric ring. Anyway, you commanded me to kneel on your new prayer bench. I could see you in the mirror behind me preparing your instruments of punishment. You had everything on hand. Three paddles at least, the three pronged rattan and a little fiber glass cane that reminds me of a hornet sting with every stroke. Oh how I “LOVE” that thing.

Then you were ready. You ordered me to count. You started with the three pronged cane I believe. “WACK!!!! WACK!!!! WACK!!! WACK!!!!”:" ONE! TWO! Three! FOUR!" You started going faster, I got to I think thirteen and jumped to fifteen with the next stroke. UH OH! You caught me. I do think it was an accident; you were starting to go too fast for me. But that did not matter. You stopped and chastised me for my missing count and said that we would have to start over. OH!!! I knew better than to complain though. And not only were we starting over but you were going to intensify their sting. You set down your cane. Then you came behind me and grabbed the elastic waist band of my boxer shorts and pulled them down to my knees.  The air felt cool on my well blistered behind. But, I knew that this cool sensation would not last long. You repositioned yourself to my left and gave a gentle aiming tap, which I counted, “That Doesn’t Count!”  OHHH!!! My bottom was so incredibly sore! I took a breath,  “WACK!!!!” OUCH!!! It knocked my breath   right back out, I quickly gasped back in some more air and counted “ONE!” “WACK!!!” “UHHHH!!!” “TWO”.   You started going faster, I was struggling to keep up. You took a break at about twenty to switch tools. Oh NO!, It was that long paddle with the holes. “SMACK” “OUCHHHH!!!” “TWENTY ONE!”, I counted. I was kneeling across from a mirror and noticed that my face was now completely blurred. I was losing my vision from all of the pooling tears. “SMACK” “UHHH!!!” “TWENTY TWO” My voice was cracking now. “SMACK”, “TWENTY THREE!” Oh it BURNED!!!! Finally my mind started fading…… I kept count but the wash of endorphins was blurring the pain, OH!!!!!! Somehow I kept up for I think about twenty more and then you switched again. I was panting and to my horror briefly forgot my count, OH NO!!  Please come back?!! Then you asked “Where are we?!” I weakly replied, “40?” You did not question, either I was right or you let it slide, Oh Thank you!  Now it was a thin little fiberglass rod. It looks harmless enough but I now know that looks are very deceiving in its case. And you are so FAST with it. I couldn’t keep up but you did not restart. You just gave me about twenty or more stinging strokes with it. And “STING!” is the only way to describe it. It literally feels like I am being stung by some kind of very large angry wasp with each impact. I can feel the tip bury itself into my flesh imparting a blinding flash of sting. I was sobbing and overwhelmed now. Then it was over. I stood looking at my blurry image in the mirror; my face felt flush and wet from tears, my butt felt like every square inch had been scalded by boiling water. . OH It BURNED!!! I would not be asking for an additional departing spanking today!  Of course you know I loved it. Thank you!!
Thank you so much. I loved this school room session.  You completely altered my reality, I truly felt like I had no choice what so ever but to obey you and take what ever punishment you felt warranted for my lack of attention. What a wonderful session!  I was powerless to you and loved every mesmerizing moment. And I was terrified of that new toy of yours. What an adrenalin overload!