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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tough Lessons!

I had a lovely afternoon with a certain submissive today and a new remote control electrical toy.
I love having a little remote control in My hand!

We played in the schoolroom and worked on some pertinent lessons.  Apparently they were very hard to learn so I strapped on the new device on a particularly tender spot to help him remember his lessons.  He was very afraid and not allowed to see the device, he would only know what it would do.  I started out with just a little vibrations when he made his mistakes or forgot his protocols, just to let him know I had a remote in My hand.  He knew there were much worse settings already, mainly because he visits Me for training all the time.  He knew fidgeting and wasting My time would result also in a paddling, one swat for every minute of My time he wasted.

Number 10 he could not seem to remember. I gave him a bit of time to jog his memory, allowed him to sit at his desk, many chances.  He stood at the chalkboard again, shaking, and completely had no idea.  Terrible.  One press on a little button in My hand, ZAP! and he HIT THE FLOOR!  What a terrible toy!  

Needless to say, he was very careful from that point on to remember his lessons.  He only got zapped a few more times, but spent the entire time shaking and terrified at the prospect.
I will be buying more toys like this, definitely, of varying degrees of kindess.
Schoolteacher is one of My favorite modes!