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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Part 2

..... The scariest part was when I finally was totally secured to the pole in your “web”.  I knew that I could go nowhere. I also knew that my most sensitive areas were totally exposed for you to “play” with. That was exciting and terrifying at the same time because I know from painful experience that you can be quite rough with “them”. Oh that feeling keeps me coming back! Thank you. Sunday you gave me some absolutely EXCRUTIATING torture as well as some very “nice” sting. I really loved your spanking and whipping. That small bull whip is INTENSE!!!  And that was the foreplay of this day. You started flipping it through the air. I could hear it whistling. Then came the first “STING.”  The sensation was very much like a wasp sting.  Then YEOUCH, I remember jumping in surprise as the little tip would just nip me across a cheek. Now you had me ranged and it became a steady series of brushing stings!! They were wispy, almost ticklish, high pitched stings but not overly intense.  I was very much starting to enjoy it.  So I pressed my rear back against the pole trying to make as much of both cheeks vulnerable to you as possible. That apparently got your attention though because you let me HAVE it with the next stroke.  “THWAAAPPP!!!!!!!”………….. It took me by surprise.  It was almost like my mind had been asleep because the pain took a brief moment to register………….THEN all of the “STING REGISTERS” started firing…… Ouuuuuuch!!! OH MY GOD!!! It STUNG!!!! It literally cut me I found out later. It spanned across both cheeks, breaking where the pole was, continuing from about one inch into the upper right one where it seemed to trace the natural curvature across and then curled down, licking its fiery tongue along the outer meaty portion of my right cheek all the way to the end of the braid where the whelp abruptly shrinks in size to a thin red line from the tip of the whip, the little maybe five inch long  string is completely silhouetted curling slightly downward all the way to its tip where there is a small red dimple puncture wound. OHHHHH What a LASH!!! That made me jump and cry!!!! YEOUCHHHHH!!!I was shaking and jumping up and down from that one.  The fire just would not go out!!! OWWWW!!! OWWW!!!! OWWWW!!!!! It felt like you had poured a stream of molten, flaming plastic across the entire length of the lash. It just kept searing deeper and deeper into the muscle of my upper right cheek. I’m pretty sure I was sobbing while trying to jiggle out the fire. You kind of giggled I remember. You knew it was a GOOD one. OOHHHH!!!!! But then you showed me some compassion. OHHHH Thank YOU!!!!  
Oh I want more of these lashes on my butt in the future. Please??? OH I do so want to try that. That little bullwhip is the ultimate STING!!!  That would leave me stunned and ready for anything else you had in mind.
Another sensation you treated me to was the electrical wand.  OHHH, what a wicked sensation that one is especially on my most sensitive areas which you showed no mercy to. That was what I feared the most. You had my penis and balls positioned for your easy access and my hands secured to my sides. I remember jumping reflexively and yelling from fright the first time you reached down and squeezed them in your hand and pulled them out. I knew that I was in trouble because I had heard you dragging your electrical “tool kit” into position.

Then you were ready. But you first actually started with my right nipple. You squeezed and pulled it between your thumb and forefinger. I took in a small breath and bit down on my lower lip in anticipation.........., “OWWW!!!!” The sensation was not electrical at all! I thought that you were piercing me!!! I could almost feel a needle plunging through the delicate skin. I remember letting out a reflexive Yeouch!! , and trying to pull back, oh what an incredible sting!!!! It kept JABBING and STABBING!!! OHHHHH!!! I tried to pull away, you just held on!!!! OHHHH!!!!! After what seemed like an endless world of “STING!!!” you paused. I was panting. Then you switched to my left. OUCHHH!!!! All I could do was squirm and cry, I managed to not “safeword” out by dogged determination only. OHHHHH did it ever HUUUUUURT!!! Then you took a small break.

I heard you walk away. I was panting from all of the electrically induced twitching and wiggling. When you returned I suddenly felt your hand on my right outer bottom cheek. You gently pushed me to the left completely clearing my left cheek of the bar that my back was pressing against. I knew that something was about to happen. I did not have to wait for long to find out what.

“CRACK!!!!” “AHHHHH!!!” What BLINDING, STING!!! Judging by the incredible mouth watering sting it was your steel paddle. You had gotten a very good swing for the first stroke. Part of me wanted to pull my cheek back behind the bar, but I over road this urge and instead leaned my cheek out even more for you.  After all I love this kind of STING!!! You apparently accepted my challenge. “CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!!” YEOUUUUUCH!!!!  You set me absolutely on FIRE!!!! I was struggling to breathe due to the breath you kept knocking out of me. Just as I was starting to think that maybe I could not hold out……… You stopped!! UHHHH!!!  I collapsed in my ropes. I was drained!! YOU were not tired or done with me yet though! You firmly commanded me to stand up straight. Then you pushed my bottom from the left exposing the right one and moved to the other side of the pole. Then you absolutely set me on fire again. It got to the point that it was stinging so bad that it was starting to tickle!!! What a wonderful and strange sensation! I leaned my right cheek out more for you too. “CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! I was fading out now I was so lost in the beautiful STING!!!! What a spectacular spanking!!! Thank you!! It was one of the best ever!!! I have no idea how many licks you gave me though. I just know that it left me feeling absolutely raw and scorched on both cheeks. Oh I LOVED IT!!

You  took another break leaving me to collapse in my rope harness. OHH I was so tried from all of the panting!!!

You returned, commanded me stand up straight and surprisingly gently coaxed me around the pole to face a different direction. Then you reached down and grabbed me between the legs and pulled out and downward with my balls in your fist. OHH!!! I heard the “ZZZZZ” of the electrical wand. Then it hit. “AHHHHH!!!!!” My legs collapsed but I was supported by the ropes securing me to your pole. I was thankful for that. . It was UNSPEAKABLY HORRIBLEl!!!! In my imagination I could see you holding a small pit viper up to my balls and it was repeatedly jabbing them deeply with needle sharp fangs!!!!  I remembered squirming trying to free them, you simply squeezed tighter and continued with the torture!   The rhythmic   punching, stabbing sensation just would NOT STOP as you held on and continued applying the mini LIGHTNING BOLTS!!! Then you paused. I think I was crying, I’m not sure now. It overwhelmed my rational thought processes. I was totally out of it. I just lived in a world of stabbing pain until you stopped. You went back behind me and started“stitching” some circles on my left butt cheek. “ZZZZZZZZZZZ    ZZZZZZZZZZZZ   ZZZZZZZZZZZ” OHHHH!!! That HURT!! It brought to mind a portable sewing machine being stitched up and down my cheek. But I loved this treatment. I can handle pain there to a very high degree. . I was enjoying that.
Then you stopped, repositioned yourself and grabbed my left nipple. “ZZZZZZZZZZZ     ZZZZZZZ”  OHHHH!!!! That was EXCRUCIATING!!!! I swear if feels like I’m being pierced through the entire nipple. I was crying and twisting trying to wriggle out of your grasp. But you held on.
Then you paused and grasped my penis……”ZZZZZZZZ” UHHHHH!!!!! I tried jumping and pulling away but your “wrapping” was way too tight for me to escape. The needle like jabs would plunge into the end of my penis but occasionally one would find just the right spot at the moistened tip and “OWWWW!!!!”  It felt like a mini lightning bolt would “flash” into my lower abdomen!!!   Little prickly sensations would reach deep inside me one even seeming to tickle the inner portion of my navel. WOW!!! What a weird sensation!!! One piercing jab suddenly made me feel like I had to pee. I quickly “tightened up”  to prevent that. I knew I would get in SERIOUS trouble for that.

Finally you stopped. My legs gave way and I was hanging in the ropes. OHH!!! I was exhausted. Then you ordered me to stand up straight and you proceeded to untie me.

It was over. Darn!!! I love our time together so much. Thanks for this wonderful sensation OVERLOAD!
Thank you so very much!!! Due to the intense pain of some of the tortures I was pretty scared at times though. But I very much love when you tie me up and remain close to me. Maybe I’m weird but when blindfolded,  being able to smell your hair and body as you worked closely around me either while torturing my nipples or other more sensitive areas was  comforting and slightly arousing. The combination of intense fright and simultaneous arousal absolutely overwhelmed my senses.