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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sissy School!

The Feminisation/transformation room of the dungeon is not an afterthought. A small and I'm sure less than comprehensive list of the training tools I have accumulated over the years for this specific purpose:

  • 20 pairs of heels in large sizes, including thigh high boots, 6 inch heels, marabou slippers
  • several full maid outfits in various sizes and various levels of sexiness
  • Ample sized realistic Silicone breasts
  • Scads of lingerie, hosiery, PVC clubwear, opera gloves, evening gowns, etc.
  • 10 wigs, all colors and styles from realistic to humiliatingly over the top
  • Extensive makeup collection
  • Extensive collection of slut training toys and disciplinary tools
  • Remote control Vibrating panty for public outings and shopping trips