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Monday, August 15, 2011

This is how We party

Mean Latex Sister with the Violet Wand using her fingers for electric torture!!  I love this wicked bitch!!
Our beloved family member and ponyboy Rocky had his dreams come true at an entire fetish themed party in his honor.  The Sisters and this pony have been playing for a long time and we wanted to make his birthday amazing. We had a whole room of the club turned into a dungeon for the night, with the wheel of torture, saint andrew's cross, and an electro clinic in the corner.  A beautiful evening, a packed room, tons of willing playthings, latex nuns and nurses, and some secret terrible parts of the evening for our treasured pet Rocky.
OH and to explain some of these pics, to the confused, I have a violet wand attachment that allows the victim to be charged so anyone who touches them is shocking them, with anything they use.
rocky gets the violet wand
Princess Arielle blasting them at the wheel of torture in her gorgeous latex nurse outfit made by ME!

Everyone Flocked to Help Shock Princess Arielle! She is obsessed with the violet wand!
A totally unattractive picture of Me laughing My ass off after shocking the hell out of our ponyboy's balls!

My favorite part of the night though was the most gorgeous kitten dressed up as an equestrian.  She wanted a spanking and we started OTK and moved to the cross.  What a pleasure!